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Washington Post /
Taliban overruns parts of Afghan city of Farah in major offensive

Afghan and U.S. planes bombed the area to halt the insurgents’ advance.

Despite sanctions, Putin pulls world back to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin presides this week over the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, continuing a charm offensive that aims to revive Brand Russia.

NY Times /
She Married 3 Brothers in Family Torn by War

Khadija’s fate, at 18, has been to be widowed twice and passed down through a family deep in Taliban territory. “I cannot talk about my dreams,” she ...

BBC News /
Afghan diplomats in Pakistan targeted by 'state-backed hackers'

Embassy sources in Pakistan tell the BBC that staff members received warnings from Google this month.

Washington Post /
U.S. watchdog on Afghanistan releases corrected Afghan troop numbers

The error, made by the U.S. military, showed a sharp decline in the defense forces.

BBC News /
Angelina Jolie's Breadwinner spotlights Afghan girls' plight

The actress has produced an animation about the struggle faced by women living under the Taliban.

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