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America's longest war takes worrying new turn

Four days after the Taliban launched its most serious challenge to Afghanistan's government in three years, heavy fighting was taking place in Ghazni.

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US to Continue Supporting Afghanistan Government Peace Efforts

The United States has condemned a recent spate of deadly attacks in Afghanistan. A spokesperson for the State Department said Wednesday that Washington remains a staunch supporter of the Afghanistan government's effort to establish peace. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports military bases and an education center have been the targets of insurgent violence ...

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After Taliban Siege of Ghazni, Afghans Tell of Fear and Deprivation

The siege was the latest example of ordinary Afghans caught between Taliban violence and a government that leaves them vulnerable.

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Afghanistan Taliban withdraws protection for Red Cross

The militants accuse the humanitarian group of failing to improve conditions for jailed Taliban.

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The Afghan Army’s Last Stand at Chinese Camp

“We all think they have sold us out to the enemy,” an Afghan army captain said of his top commanders before he was killed by the Taliban.

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BBC reporter's terrifying days amid Taliban assault on Ghazni

Assadullah Jalalzai's family were woken up by Taliban gunfire last Friday.

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Afghan forces confront Taliban militants in Ghazni days after brazen attack

Afghan security forces are engaged in intense fighting with Taliban militants in Ghazni, three days after the start of an offensive on the strategic city that has so far killed more than 150 people, according to a local member of parliament.

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Taliban Offensive Exposes Fragile US Hopes for Afghan Peace 

A year after the Trump administration introduced its strategy for Afghanistan, the Taliban are asserting themselves on the battlefield even as U.S. officials talk up hopes for peace. That's raising questions about the viability of the American game plan for ending a war that began when some of the current U.S. troops were in diapers. A Taliban ...

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Afghanistan: Battle-torn Ghazni residents 'can't find food'

People in Ghazni are facing food and medicine shortages as a Taliban assault continues, the UN warns.

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Taliban attack on Afghan city of Ghazni rages for third day

The government says Ghazni is not in danger of falling - but people inside give a different story.

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Over 100 Officers and Soldiers Killed in Crucial Afghan City in 3 Days

Most of the 18 districts in Ghazni Province appear to be under Taliban control, with the exception of three districts with large populations of the ...

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After Ghazni Attack, Taliban Still in Afghanistan City

The streets are full of bodies and Taliban checkpoints are at every intersection — but government officials insist they are in charge.

Taliban attacks strategic Afghan city of Ghazni

The Taliban launched a brazen attack on the strategic Afghan city of Ghazni early Friday, seizing key buildings and trading fire with security forces.

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Were Victims Friend or Foe? U.S. Airstrike Leads to New Dispute With Afghan Allies

As many as 17 Afghans were killed. Americans said aerial photos showed they were Taliban, but an Afghan police commander said he recognized body parts of fellow officers.

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Taliban Launch Assault on Ghazni, a Key Afghan City

Officials denied that the provincial capital had fallen, but they conceded that the insurgents were within 300 yards of the governor’s office and police headquarters.

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Taliban attack strategic Afghan city of Ghazni

Taliban militants sow terror on the streets of Ghazni, south of Kabul, in a major night-time attack.

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Sons Feel Mixed Emotions After N. Korea Returns Dad’s Dog Tag

The lone military identification tag that North Korea provided with 55 boxes of human remains last month belonged to Master Sgt. Charles H. McDaniel, ...

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U.S. Airstrike Kills Afghan Forces Amid Battle With Taliban

As the Taliban attacked a district 50 miles outside the capital, Afghan forces called for American help. But the strike mistakenly hit a police outpost, Afghans say.

Taliban 2.0: Militants' talk peace with U.S., but past can't be erased

When NBC News pressed a senior Taliban member on women's rights, he replied: "I just read your message here among the members, and they laughed."

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The Afghan air force is growing. So are questions about its actions in combat.

The U.S.-trained force is busier than ever but is facing allegations of civilian casualties.

Confusion reigns over surrender of 200 ISIS fighters

Over 200 ISIS fighters have surrendered to the Afghan army in the country's north, with some reports suggesting they handed themselves over to the ...

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Suicide Bomber Kills 3 NATO Troops on Day of Violence in Afghanistan

An attack hit a joint NATO and Afghan patrol north of Kabul. A Taliban assault continued in Uruzgan Province. And an Afghan soldier died trying to ...

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Afghan suicide bomber kills Czech Nato soldiers

The three soldiers were targeted while on a foot patrol in eastern Afghanistan.

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Suicide Attack Kills 3 NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan

NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan announced Sunday three of its soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a combined, ...

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Are ISIS Fighters Prisoners or Honored Guests of the Afghan Government?

Targeted by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan, the Islamic State militants turned themselves into the government, but many civilians are furious at what they see as lenient treatment.

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Recruited by Iran to fight for Syrian regime, young Afghans bring home cash and scars

Interviews with Afghan Shiite combat veterans offer a rare glimpse into the multinational fight in Syria.

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U.S. talks with the Taliban could be a breakthrough in the Afghan war

Insurgents say a second meeting and cease-fire are under discussion.

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