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All 'foreign forces' to leave Syria, Putin tells Assad

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Thursday that "foreign armed forces" would leave Syria, according to Syria's state-run news agency, SANA.

BBC News /
Syria war: Army takes full control of Damascus after ousting IS

The military declares the capital "secure" after clearing a small enclave held by IS militants.

NY Times /
Syria Regains Control of Damascus, After Seven Years of Fighting

With the last of 1,600 militants departing from the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, fighting around the capital is over. Peace, though, remains elusive.

BBC News /
Syria war: IS militants 'leave Damascus suburbs'

Activists say there has been an evacuation but Syrian officials deny any ceasefire deal.

Washington Post /
Israel launches massive military strike against Iranian targets in Syria

The strike was in retaliation for a barrage of rockets that Israel said came from Iranian forces in Syrian territory.

NY Times /
Assad Meets Putin in a Surprise Visit to Russia

President Vladimir V. Putin says “foreign armed forces” will be withdrawn from Syria as part of peace settlement, a possible reference to Iran’s ...

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