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Iraqis vote in first national election since toppling of ISIS, but turnout was low

The election will determine how Iraq’s next government aligns in a region marked by fierce global rivalries.

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American, Wife Freed From Venezuelan Prison

Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Holt had been a prisoner in Venezuela since the summer of 2016, but on Saturday he told U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House that he was “overwhelmed with gratitude” for those who had worked for his release.  Trump said Holt had been “incredibly brave.” Holt and his Venezuelan wife, Thamara Candelo, arrived ...

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What I SAW: In Tiny Burundi, a Huge Vote

Citizens of the small landlocked East African nation of Burundi headed to the polls on Thursday to vote on a referendum to change the constitution. ...

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At Least 4 Russians Killed in Syria in Firefight With ISIS

The clash in Deir al-Zour left 43 militants from the Islamic State dead, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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For decades, Colombia battled leftist guerrillas. Now one is a leading presidential candidate.

Polls show Gustavo Petro is unlikely to win, but his strong run highlights the country’s polarization at a transformative time for the United States’ ...

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Canada proposes sweeping law to block foreign interference in elections

The bill would restrict political advertising and force parties to reveal what voter information they’ve collected.

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Venezuela inmates seize control of prison ahead of election

Inmates have revolted and taken control of a notorious prison in Venezuela, as the volatile country braces for presidential elections decried as illegitimate by regional leaders.

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Understanding Ireland’s Vote on Whether to Keep Its Abortion Ban

Results of two exit polls released Friday night showed voters had favored repeal by a wide margin.

Irish voters appear to embrace repeal of abortion ban

The official tally won't come till Saturday, but two major exit polls suggest that Ireland is moving away from its conservative Roman Catholic roots.

Ireland votes in landmark abortion referendum

Voters in Ireland are casting their ballots in a landmark referendum to decide whether to remove a constitutional amendment that bans abortion in ...

Washington Post /
Blackouts, hyperinflation, hunger: Maduro faces reelection as Venezuela deteriorates

As citizens head to polls Sunday, for many there’s no water for toilets, no buses and no hope for change.

Washington Post /
Exit polls suggest Ireland has voted to repeal its abortion ban

The country has had one of the strictest abortion laws in the developed world.

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Here Are the Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week

From the cancellation of the U.S.-North Korea summit meeting (for now) to upsets in primary elections, a lot happened this week. Here are the five biggest stories — and some links if you want to read further.

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How a 4-Hour Battle Between Russian Mercenaries and U.S. Commandos Unfolded in Syria

Interviews and newly obtained documents provide the Pentagon’s first public on-the-ground accounting of one of the bloodiest battles the military has faced in Syria since deploying to fight ISIS.

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