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Hundreds of women stand in Afghan election marred by 'chilling' attack

The assassination by the Taliban of a notorious police chief in an important Afghanistan province this week could not have come at a more pivotal moment. On Saturday, parliamentary elections are taking place across the country in a vote that had already been delayed for three years because of security concerns.

Islamic preacher jailed in U.K. for ISIS support released

Anjem Choudary will be subject to strict limits on his daily activities for remainder of his sentence.

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Poland Elections a Test for Governing Party’s Populist Message

The Law and Justice party swept to power by attracting rural voters with grievance and nostalgia. It hopes to extend its appeal to urban areas in ...

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Your US mid-term elections daily digest

Why we're seeing the return of the veteran-politician this year, in our latest mid-terms round-up.

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Britain Releases Anjem Choudary, Radical Islamist Preacher, Under Strict Controls

Mr. Choudary, convicted of inciting support for ISIS, was freed on Friday under rules that will bar him from leaving London, using the internet ...

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Democrats Lead in Fundraising, But Will It Be Enough to Topple Republicans?

In the battle for Congress, Democrats are winning the money game. But will it be enough for them to overtake Republicans? In what is shaping up to ...

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At Rally and Without Evidence, Trump Says Democrats Back Caravan

President Donald Trump suggested without evidence Thursday that Democrats or their allies are supporting a “caravan” of Central American migrants who are traveling north aiming to enter the United States. Addressing thousands of supporters at a ... /
Michelle Obama and “When We All Vote” Make Major Push Before Midterm Elections

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is making a major push to reach voters before the fast approaching November 6 midterm elections. The post Michelle Obama and “When We All Vote” Make Major Push Before Midterm Elections appeared first on theGrio. /
The Download | October 18th: Barack Obama addresses excuses for opting out of voting + Tarana Burke address #MeToo comedy series project

Former President Barack Obama has a message for you and your friends. He isn’t here for folks tired excuses for not participating in elections. In a new video with ATTN: Obama touches on seven excuses that people use for not voting. One excuse is: “ I don’t care about politics” and this is what he had to […] The post The Download | October ...

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Facebook's Election 'War Room' Takes Aim at Fake Information

In an otherwise innocuous part of Facebook’s expansive Silicon Valley campus, a locked door bears a taped-on sign that reads “War Room.” Behind the ...

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Tennessee Women Slow to Back GOP's Blackburn in Senate Race

If Republican Marsha Blackburn were to win in November, the congresswoman would become the first female U.S. senator in Tennessee history. And yet ...

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Food, Water, a Ride: Guatemalans Help Honduran Migrants

Sweaty, sunburned and exhausted, Jonathan Zuniga had been carrying his 1-year-old baby in his arms for five hours when help arrived unexpectedly from a local woman who offered him a used baby carriage. “Thank you, thank you very much,” Zuniga told ...

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McConnell: Senate Republicans May Try Obamacare Repeal Again

Republicans could try again to repeal Obamacare if they win enough seats in U.S. elections next month, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday, calling a failed 2017 push to repeal the health care law a “disappointment.” In a forecast of 2019 policy goals tempered by uncertainty about who would win the congressional elections, ... /
Pres. Barack Obama isn’t trying to hear people’s weak excuses for not voting

  Former President Barack Obama says you ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get straight to the polls this election. In a new video with ATTN:, Obama reads seven excuses people give for why they’re not going to cast their ballots– and shuts each one down perfectly. “Excuse #1: I don’t care about ... /
Thanks to Simone Biles, USA Gymnastics leader Mary Bono steps down

  Interim U.S.A. Gymnastics leader Mary Bono has stepped down from her post less than a week after Simone Biles took her to task over an anti-Nike tweet she posted last month. —Black Voter Suppression: Senior citizens ordered off of bus ...

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Afghanistan elections: 'I want to fulfil my slain father's dreams'

Narinder Singh is the only Sikh candidate in the Afghan parliamentary elections. /
Black Voter Suppression: Senior citizens ordered off of bus heading to Georgia polls for early voting

  About 40 Black seniors excited about voting in Georgia’s Governor’s race, were ordered off a bus on their way to cast their ballot on Monday ...

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Your US mid-term elections daily digest

The fallout from a bitter Texas debate and what one tiny donation means - it’s your mid-terms roundup.

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Border Insecurity in Iran Amid Regime Crackdown on Minorities   

Armed conflict between Iranian security forces and separatist militants on the Iranian border is growing, as the government tightens its grip on the minority population.  With a population of more than 80 million people, Iran is predominantly ethnic Persian. The country's religion is Shi'ite Islam, and it is home to millions of ethno-religious ...

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Trump Says He's Not to Blame If Republicans Lose House

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won't accept the blame if Republicans lose the House in November. Trump said he believes he is "helping" Republican candidates as he campaigns ahead of crucial midterm elections next month. With Republicans facing headwinds, Trump said he thinks the GOP is "going to do well," arguing that "it feels to ...

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Immigrant Caravan Organizer Held After Trump Threatens Honduras

The organizer of a migrant caravan from Honduras was detained Tuesday in Guatemala after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw funding ... /
Black women are galvanizing the vote in the booth and on the ballot in the midterm elections

With the November 6 midterm elections two weeks away, Black women are demanding their collective seat at the table: as candidates, organizers, ... /
Democrats lead Republicans on fundraising ahead of midterms

Democrats lead Republicans in the money race in many of the key Senate and House campaigns three weeks ahead of midterm elections that will determine ...

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2020 Democrats Building Ties to Power Brokers in Key States

Before he cut the $100,000 checks, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti brought the Democratic Party chairmen from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and ...

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Washington Has Stood by Riyadh through Multiple Crises

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the ultimate protected status from the United States throughout its short history. Riyadh has had a special relationship with the U.S., from President Franklin D. Roosevelt meeting Saudi Arabia's first King Abdul Aziz on Valentine's Day in 1945 to the kingdom becoming America's main Mideast ally following ...

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Native Americans Decry Supreme Court Ruling on Voter ID in North Dakota

Civil rights groups are expressing outrage over a recent Supreme Court ruling that could make it harder for Native Americans in North Dakota to cast their votes in the upcoming midterm elections. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled against overturning North Dakota's controversial voter ID law which requires voters to present identification that ... /
VIDEO: theGrio’s manifesto explains what’s at stake and what we demand for the midterm elections

The team at theGrio has put together our manifesto for the 2018 midterms to remind you why we must vote and why those votes have got to count. The post VIDEO: theGrio’s manifesto explains what’s at stake and what we demand for the ...

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