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Migrants say these mass shelters are like prisons. Germany wants to build more.

Officials say the facilities will streamline deportations, but critics see a doomed strategy.

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Mourners Pack Texas Mosque for Funeral of Slain Pakistani Student

Mourners on Sunday packed a mosque in Stafford, Texas, about 59 kilometers away from the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School that killed 10 people. One of Friday's victims was 17-year-old Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh who wanted to learn about the American culture and share her own.  While in the United States, Sabika had two host ...

How bad is it in the countries these migrants are fleeing from? This bad

The agony and desperation are written all over the migrants' faces. But what you can't see is how bad their homelands really are.

Aunt gets call about migrant mom Gabriela Hernandez

The call could signal a next step in pregnant woman's journey with her boys from Honduras, across Mexico in the migrant caravan, with hopes of ...

Migrants who traveled with caravan vow to wait at border until they are granted asylum

After a difficult, monthlong journey from Central America to the US-Mexico border, dozens of asylum-seeking migrants are vowing to remain outside an ...

Two pilots spend their life savings on a plane to rescue migrants

More than 600 migrants have died so far this year trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

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Caravan organizers: 158 migrants have crossed into US to seek asylum

At least 158 Central Americans who traveled in a migrant caravan through Mexico have crossed into the United States this week to seek asylum, organizers said Thursday.

Migrants picked this mom to enter the US first

Gabriela Hernandez and her sons were the first asylum seekers to reach the US border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico. It's the end of the migrant caravan, but not the end of the journey.

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