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Washington Post /
At end of migrant caravan on U.S. border, families fear what comes next

As many prepared to apply for asylum, they worry about being torn apart.

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Migrants say these mass shelters are like prisons. Germany wants to build more.

Officials say the facilities will streamline deportations, but critics see a doomed strategy.

'No free ticket' Canada warns as Nigerian asylum seekers cross from US

The wave of asylum seekers continue to cross into Canada from the United States, and that has drawn concerns that the numbers will only rise as the ...

How bad is it in the countries these migrants are fleeing from? This bad

The agony and desperation are written all over the migrants' faces. But what you can't see is how bad their homelands really are.

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Commonwealth Games: Fifty athletes in Australia 'illegally'

Almost 200 more are in the process of claiming asylum after this year's Commonwealth Games.

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Asylum seekers have flooded into Canada. The government is putting them to work.

“Irregular” border-crossers who file refugee claims are encouraged to work while they wait.

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Washington Post /
Despite Trump threats, U.S. officials allow caravan members to seek asylum

Some of the president’s supporters still see his campaign against the migrants as a victory.

Washington Post /
Nigerians are walking into Canada, prompting request for U.S. to take action

Canadian authorities say asylum seekers are arriving with U.S. visitor visas, and the country is pressing for stricter screening.

Migrant caravan mom still with kids during immigration journey

Gabriela Hernandez, the pregnant mother of two who was one of the first migrants from a recent caravan through Mexico to enter the United States to request asylum, remains with her children, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement official told CNN on Friday.

Caravan organizers: 158 migrants have crossed into US to seek asylum

At least 158 Central Americans who traveled in a migrant caravan through Mexico have crossed into the United States this week to seek asylum, ...

Some migrants start asylum requests

Slowly but steadily, caravan migrants who trekked across Mexico are pleading their cases to US authorities on why they should be granted asylum.

Migrants picked this mom to enter the US first

Gabriela Hernandez and her sons were the first asylum seekers to reach the US border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico. It's the end of the migrant caravan, but not the end of the journey.

NY Times /
U.S. Pushes Plan to Make Mexico Handle Asylum Seekers

The Trump administration is exploring a “safe third country” agreement with Mexico, which would force asylum seekers to file their petitions in Mexico.

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