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Paris attack fake victim Alexandra Damien jailed for fraud

Alexandra Damien, 33, was found guilty of fraud and perjury after passing herself off as a victim.

Malaysia politician Anwar Ibrahim returns to politics

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim won a parliamentary seat Saturday, returning to politics just months after receiving a royal pardon for sodomy.

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Guinea coach Paul Put accepts apology form his own player Ibrahima Cisse

Guinea coach Paul Put accepts an apology from his own midfielder Ibrahim Cisse for his angry reaction towards the Belgian after scoring against ...

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Anwar Ibrahim returns to Malaysian politics with by-election win

The former deputy Malaysian PM wins a parliamentary seat, months after he was released from jail.

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Fyre Festival: Founder Billy McFarland jailed for six years

Founder Billy McFarland admitted fraud after the disastrous event left fans stranded on an island.

UK court lifts anonymity for woman in unexplained wealth case

A woman whose husband is a jailed state banker in Azerbaijan has lost a court fight to avoid being named as she seeks to explain how she paid for two ...

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Jailed opposition party leader feared dead amid reports he escaped from prison

The jailed vice president of Rwanda's opposition FDU-Inkingi party escaped from prison on Sunday, according to the country's correctional service.

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Suhaib Ilyasi: India TV crime host acquitted of wife's murder

The host of India's Most Wanted is acquitted of his wife's murder, after being jailed last year.

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Lee Myung-bak, S Korea ex-president, jailed for 15 years

Convicted of bribery and abuse of power, Lee Myung-bak is the country's fourth leader to be jailed.

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Another former South Korea president jailed for corruption

Lee Myung-bak gets 15 years in prison following the jailing of his successor Park Geun-hye in a separate corruption case.

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Man jailed for slapping woman in viral French video

A student speaks out after CCTV shows a man slapping her for objecting to abuse in a Paris street.

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James Ricketson case: 'Dad saved my life so I helped save him from jail'

When an Australian filmmaker was jailed in Cambodia, his adopted daughter set about returning a favour.

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Jailed without trace: ‘I haven’t seen my parents for 17 years’

Ibrahim Sherifo has not seen or heard from his parents since he was 13 years old when they were "disappeared" in Eritrea.

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Jean-Claude Arnault, photographer in Nobel prize scandal, jailed

Jean-Claude Arnault, 72, receives a two-year prison sentence over a rape committed in 2011.

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Watchdog: Journalists Jailed in Record Numbers Worldwide

Journalists are being jailed in unprecedented numbers across the globe, with 262 detained for their work at the end of 2017, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. "The jailing of journalists is a brutal form of censorship that is ...

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Qatar: Regional Security Alliance with US at Risk with Gulf Dispute

A proposed regional security alliance bringing together the United States, Gulf allies, Egypt and Jordan, is at risk if a Gulf dispute is not ...

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France’s New Law Against Sexist Catcalls Gets Its First Conviction

A man was fined for lewd, insulting comments to a woman aboard a bus. He was also jailed, for slapping her behind and hitting the bus driver.

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Norway backs down in child protection scandal

A series of cases of children placed in care are to be reviewed after a welfare expert was jailed.

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UK PM calls for jailed mum to be released

Theresa May makes a plea for a British-Iranian woman to be freed in talks with Iran's president.

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Bill Cosby jailed: 'We've got justice!'

Comedian Bill Cosby has been sentenced for three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault. /
White teen charged with hate crime for putting noose around Black student’s neck

A white teen in Louisiana was jailed and charged with a hate crime after wrapping a noose around the neck of a Black student the News Star reports. ...

Maldives election: Solih hails new dawn after claiming election win

The Maldives was adjusting to a new political reality Monday after the surprise election of opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ...

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Maldives election: Opposition defeats China-backed Abdulla Yameen

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih defeats President Abdulla Yameen, who has been accused of crushing dissent.

NY Times /
Fears of Maldives Crisis Ease After President Concedes Election Loss

Official results give a decisive victory to the opposition candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who promised to restore democratic freedoms and warmer ...

BBC News /
Maldives election: 'Opposition ahead' in early count

Preliminary results give opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih an early lead, local media say.

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James Ricketson: Jailed Australian filmmaker pardoned in Cambodia

James Ricketson is granted a royal pardon after he was jailed in Cambodia on spying charges.

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Lawyer: Former NASA Scientist to Appeal Terrorism Charges

A Turkish-U.S. citizen and former NASA scientist jailed in Turkey on terrorism charges plans to file an appeal to Turkey's top court after a lower appeals court reduced his sentence this week, his lawyer said on Friday. Serkan Golge was visiting ...

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