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Washington Post /
U.S. to merge diplomatic mission serving Palestinians with embassy in Israel

The consulate move further downgrades diplomatic relations with the Palestinians.

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US Downgrades Jerusalem Diplomatic Mission to Palestinians

The United States on Thursday downgraded the status of its main diplomatic mission to the Palestinians by placing it under the authority of the U.S. Embassy to Israel. The move, which was immediately denounced by the Palestinians and hailed by Israel, is the latest Trump administration decision to align with Israeli government views and a ...

NY Times /
Israel Can’t Deport U.S. Student Over Past Support for Boycott

Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the government to allow entry to Lara Alqasem, detained at the airport for more than two weeks while she fought ...

Fracking commences in UK for first time since 2011, draws protests

Fracking has restarted in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2011, as the UK-based energy firm Cuadrilla kicked off a three-month ...

BBC News /
Angry crowds block women from Sabarimala Hindu temple

A BBC team is forced to leave as protests over a recent court ruling turn violent.

BBC News /
Pakistan Zainab murder: Imran Ali hanged for six-year-old's death

Imran Ali was sentenced to death for the rape and murder that sparked mass protests in January.

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VoA /
Washington Has Stood by Riyadh through Multiple Crises

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the ultimate protected status from the United States throughout its short history. Riyadh has had a special relationship with the U.S., from President Franklin D. Roosevelt meeting Saudi Arabia's first King ... /
Alabama store pulls Pepsi products with NFL logo over anthem protests

A grocery store owner in Athens, Ala., is refusing to sell Pepsi products because they feature the NFL logo. In a Facebook post from S&Z Grocery owner Phillip Stewart said he pulled Pepsi bottles off the shelf himself and would no longer be selling them in his store. “This may cause me to lose some […] The post Alabama store pulls Pepsi ...

BBC News /
Nicaragua anti-government protesters on trial

President Daniel Ortega accuses them of organising violent street protests in a coup attempt against him.

NY Times /
7 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Fire in Gaza Border Clashes

In an unusual episode, four of the Palestinians were fatally shot after crossing the fence and approaching an Israeli sniper’s position. /
Study claims NFL ratings drop was not due to kneeling protests

While the NFL and President Donald Trump believe that the #TakeAKnee movement is to blame for declining TV ratings, a study reveals that the ...

BBC News /
Colin Kaepernick: NFL quarterback calls for further protests against racial injustice

Colin Kaepernick calls for further action against racial injustice after receiving a prestigious award for his contributions to black history and culture.

VoA /
Bitter Battle Over Kavanaugh Adds Fuel to Midterm Showdown

Less than four weeks before U.S. congressional midterm elections, the bitter confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has galvanized activists in both major political parties. But its ultimate impact remains uncertain. Republicans say the fight over Kavanaugh has given them a boost, especially in key Senate races in states ...

VoA /
Police: Trump's UK Visit Used 10,000 Officers, Cost $24M

British police chiefs say security for U.S. President Donald Trump's visit in July involved almost 10,000 officers and cost nearly 18 million pounds ($24 million), making it the biggest police operation since riots swept England in 2011.   National Police Chiefs' Council chairwoman Sara Thornton said Thursday that nearly every police force in ...

Israel tells US student to renounce views or leave the country

Israel has detained an American graduate student at Ben Gurion International Airport for more than a week, accusing her of supporting the Palestinian-led boycott movement of Israel.

NY Times /
U.S. Student, Barred From Israel Over Boycott, Goes to Court

Lara Alqasem once belonged to a group perhaps most notable for backing an Israel hummus boycott. Now Israel says she can’t study in Jerusalem.

BBC News /
Fernando Albán: Venezuela protests over jailed opposition lawmaker's death

Venezuela's government says Fernando Albán killed himself but the opposition says he was murdered.

VoA /
US Student Detained in Israel for Alleged Boycott Support

Israel has held an American graduate student in detention at its international airport for the past week, accusing her of supporting a Palestinian-led boycott campaign against the Jewish state. Lara Alqasem, a 22-year-old American citizen with Palestinian grandparents, landed at Ben-Gurion Airport last Tuesday with a valid student visa. But she ...

Police hunt Palestinian suspect after 2 Israelis killed in West Bank

Two Israelis were killed and a third person seriously injured in a shooting attack inside a West Bank industrial park on Sunday, said the Israel Defense Forces.

Hamas's Gaza leader gives rare interview to Israeli newspaper

If Israel and Hamas agree on anything at the moment, it is probably that Gaza is as close to another war as it has been since the end of the last one four years ago.

Dutch Christmas character Black Pete to ditch blackface on TV

Black Pete, the controversial Dutch Christmas character who sparks annual protests in the country, will no longer appear in blackface each year on ...

BBC News /
How coding is helping young Gazans find work

Gaza Sky Geeks, a tech hub started by Google and the NGO, Mercy Corps, teaches coding and has an outsourcing agency.

BBC News /
Laquan McDonald: Chicago officer convicted of killing teen

The Illinois city braces for protests as an officer is convicted of shooting a boy 16 times.


Protests rock the Capitol, Indonesia takes a deadly double hit, an Aussie truck rally and more.

NY Times /
As Tensions Rise With Israel, Hamas Chief Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza

In a rare interview with an Israeli newspaper, the Hamas leader in Gaza, Yehya Sinwar, sent a message to Israelis that war was in “no one’s interest.”

BBC News /
Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court protests rock Capitol Hill

Protests gathered on Capitol Hill on Thursday, as the FBI shared the results of the Kavanaugh investigation with senators.

UNRWA pulls some staff from Gaza amid threats

The United Nations agency responsible for looking after Palestinian refugees has pulled some of its international staff out of Gaza, amid threats and ongoing protests against the agency as its faces a multimillion-dollar shortfall.

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