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Atal Bihari Vajpayee, prime minister who made India a nuclear power, dies at 93

He shocked the world in May 1998 with five underground nuclear tests, prompting international sanctions, rattling neighbors and setting off an arms race with archrival Pakistan.

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Suspected Iraqi IS Member in US Custody

A refugee from Iraq was arrested Wednesday in Northern California on a warrant alleging that he killed an Iraqi policeman while fighting for the Islamic State organization.  Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, and other members of ISIS killed the officer after the town of Rawah, Iraq, fell to the Islamic State in June 2014, according to court ...

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Former Prime Minister of India, Dies at 93

As India’s leader from 1998 to 2004, Mr. Vajpayee ended a long moratorium on nuclear tests but also eased tensions with Pakistan and built closer ...

Faith, fury and fear: The story behind one of history's greatest mass migrations

How was a British colony split into the nations of India and Pakistan? And what led to one of the most harrowing events of the 20th century?

Mystery surrounds Indian man who spent 36 years in Pakistan jail

Gajanand Sharma wandered across the Indian border into Pakistan in 1982. He was arrested and spent the next 36 years in prison. /
Who runs the White House? Omarosa threatens to drop more bombs about Trump administration

Sources say that Omarosa Manigault-Newman is preparing to throw Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner under the bus and has secret recordings ...

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Taliban Offensive Exposes Fragile US Hopes for Afghan Peace 

A year after the Trump administration introduced its strategy for Afghanistan, the Taliban are asserting themselves on the battlefield even as U.S. officials talk up hopes for peace. That's raising questions about the viability of the American game ...

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US Ambassador Warns Britain to Back Trump Over Iranian Sanctions

The U.S. ambassador to London has publicly warned British Prime Minister Theresa May to side with President Donald Trump in the burgeoning transatlantic dispute over the controversial nuclear deal with Iran, which the U.S. leader withdrew from in May. Ambassador Woody Johnson cautioned there would be trade consequences for Britain, which he ...

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US Students Turn Grief into App to Help Bring Terrorists to Justice

California college student Anjali Banerjee was watching fireworks during a 2016 celebration on a seafront promenade in the French city of Nice when a man plowed a huge truck through the crowd, killing 86 people and wounding 200. The University of California, Berkeley incoming senior ran through mobs of people to escape the chaos and later joined ...

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Turkish President Rails Against ‘War’ on Turkish Economy

Turkey’s president Saturday blamed the country’s economic problems on the United States and other nations, whom he says are waging an economic war ...

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US Federal Probe Begins Into Theft, Crash of Stolen Aircraft

U.S. federal investigators began probing Saturday the theft and crash of a passenger airliner late Friday near Seattle in the northwestern U.S. state ...

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Trump Praises Mexico, Threatens Canada with Auto Tariffs

President Donald Trump says a trade deal with Mexico is “coming along nicely.” But he is threatening Canada with auto tariffs if the U.S. and Canada can’t forge a deal. Trump appeared to be referring to efforts to renegotiate the North American ...

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Trump Doubles Tariffs on Turkish Steel, Aluminum Imports

U.S. President Donald Trump further escalated tensions with Turkey Friday by announcing a sharp increase in tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in an early morning post on Twitter. In announcing 20 percent tariffs on aluminum and 50 percent tariffs on steel, Trump said "the Turkish Lira, slides rapidly downward against our very strong ...

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Judge Threatens Sessions Over Two Deportations

A furious U.S. federal judge threatened Thursday to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt after learning at the hearing for two asylum seekers, a mother and daughter, that they were being deported and were on a plane to El Salvador. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan called the government’s action outrageous. He said the ...

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Russia Denounces US 'Novichok' Sanctions

Faced with a new round of U.S.-sanctions over alleged chemical weapons use, Russia denounced the move as an “illegal” gesture that defied attempts by President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin aimed at improving relations during a ...

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Army Suspends Discharges of Immigrant Recruits

The U.S. Army has stopped discharging immigrant recruits who enlisted seeking a path to citizenship, at least temporarily. A memo shared with The ...

Duterte threatens to 'kill' Philippines cops under investigation

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill dozens of Philippines National Police (PNP) officers who are under investigation for crimes ...

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US Senator Delivers Trump Letter to Putin

A U.S. senator says he has delivered a letter from President Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin calling for more talks and exchanges between the two countries. Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, a Trump supporter who has been in Moscow in recent days holding discussions with Russian lawmakers, said Wednesday, "I was honored to deliver ...

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US Braces for Possible Cyberattacks After Iran Sanctions

The U.S. is bracing for cyberattacks Iran could launch in retaliation for the re-imposition of sanctions this week by President Donald Trump, cybersecurity and intelligence experts say. Concern over that cyber threat has been rising since May, when Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal, under which the U.S. and other world powers eased ...

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Ohio's Tight Special Election Race Tops Voting in Five States

A special election for a congressional seat in Ohio will be the most closely watched contest as voters cast ballots Tuesday in five states, the results of which will help shape the political landscape and President Donald Trump's status within his own party before the November mid-term elections. The special election in Ohio's 12th ...

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Trump Reimposes Iranian Economic Sanctions

The United States has reimposed economic sanctions on Iran that were originally put in place to pressure the country to limit its nuclear program and ...

Asif Ali Zardari Fast Facts

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Pervez Musharraf Fast Facts

Read CNN's Fast Facts on Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan.

Venezuela opposition fears further crackdown after attack on Maduro

"It's going to be used as a tool for greater political terrorism," says one former government loyalist who now campaigns with the opposition.

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Ankara on Collision Course With Washington Over Iran Sanctions

U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order Monday to introduce sanctions against Iran threatens to put Washington and Ankara on a collision course.  Ankara insists Trump's unilateral actions do not bind it. The looming dispute threatens to exacerbate existing tensions between the two NATO allies. "We are going to aggressively enforce our ...

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Trump Reimposes Economic Sanctions on Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump has reimposed economic sanctions against Iran, effective at midnight Monday, assailing Tehran as "a murderous dictatorship that has continued to spread bloodshed, violence, and chaos." Trump, acting three months after he withdrew the U.S. from the 2015 international accord restraining Iran's nuclear development ... /
Trump supporter threatens to shoot CNN reporters Don Lemon and Brian Stelter

On Friday, a Trump supporter emboldened by the President’s attacks on the media, called in to C-SPANN and threatened to shoot CNN reporters Brian Stelter and Don Lemon. The post Trump supporter threatens to shoot CNN reporters Don Lemon and Brian ...

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