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As votes come in, Iraqi PM's hold on power looks shaky

Votes are being counted after Iraq's weekend parliamentary election, and at first glance it appears that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's coalition lags behind those of two other influential Shia leaders.

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Iraqi election seen as a contest between Iran’s challenger and America’s incumbent

Hadi al-Ameri has fought for and most recently commanded a militia armed and trained by Iran.

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Colombia Becomes NATO’s First Latin American Global Partner

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced Friday that his country will formally become NATO’s first Latin American “global partner,” beginning ...

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Trump’s On-Again, Off-Again Summit Style Unnerves Asian Allies

The zigzagging, apparently done without consulting regional allies, has aggravated questions about whether America’s partners can rely on Washington.

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Once Hated by U.S. and Tied to Iran, Is Sadr Now ‘Face of Reform’ in Iraq?

Moktada al-Sadr, the upset winner of Iraq’s election, has undergone a reinvention, from a militant Shiite to an anticorruption champion whose “Iraq ...

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