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Iran State TV’s English Channel Says Anchorwoman Held in US

A prominent American anchorwoman on Iranian state television’s English-language service has been arrested after flying into the U.S., the broadcaster reported Wednesday. U.S. law enforcement agencies did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The reported detention of Press TV’s Marzieh Hashemi, born Melanie Franklin of New Orleans, ...

Internet blocked in Zimbabwe social media after protests

Zimbabweans said they were unable to access social media Tuesday after protests erupted over a sharp increase in fuel prices was announced by the government.

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The former homeless man bringing web access to the Bronx

People without internet access have fewer life chances than those that do. How can we close the gap?

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Massive Bookstore in Portland Thrives in Age of E-Books

Despite e-books and smartphones with reading apps, the book business in the U.S. is enjoying a resurgence. And though internet sales take their toll ... /
A heartfelt message from Laverne Cox to a trans teen is best thing on the internet today

While it may look like her life is all glam and fame, Laverne Cox knows firsthand how hard it can be for trans women to live their best lives and to ...

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Woman fined after bragging about illegal hunt on dating app

Telling a stranger on the internet about something illegal you did is probably not the best idea.

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South African maths whizz answers complex arithmetic questions in seconds

Sibahle Zwane is only 10, but his maths skills have made him an internet sensation in South Africa. /
Cardi B and Offset appear to be reconciling… We think?

According to the couple's friends, Cardi B and Offset may soon be back together again. The duo seems to be leaving their marital drama back in 2018 and turning over a new leaf in the new year. The post Cardi B and Offset appear to be reconciling… We think? appeared first on theGrio.

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Russia High-Rise Collapse an Emblem of Hardships in the Hinterlands

While the Kremlin pours money into the military, Russia’s infrastructure is crumbling, inviting more tragedies like the building collapse in southern Russia this week that killed 39.

China's censors face a major test in 2019

The internet blackout began with no warning.

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Washington Governor to Pardon Some Marijuana Convictions

Washington state will create a streamlined system to pardon people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession before the drug was legal, under an ...

Attempts to link the LGBTQ community to pedophilia are spreading — and one went viral

Various efforts to tie the LGBTQ community to pedophilia have been linked back to fringe internet message board 4chan.

Netflix warns against taking part in ‘Bird Box’ challenge

Netflix issued a warning against taking part in a new internet fad spawned from “Bird Box,” in which people attempt to do activities blindfolded. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY. /
Mike Tyson breaks ground on 40-acre marijuana resort destination in California

Mike Tyson's Tyson Ranch Resort is advertised to become a 412-acre entertainment complex, luxury gambling resort and cannabis research & design facility. The post Mike Tyson breaks ground on 40-acre marijuana resort destination in California appeared first on theGrio.

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Warning of ‘Fictitious’ Election Results Online, Congo Cuts Internet for 2nd Day

The Democratic Republic of Congo, waiting for official election results, cut internet connections and SMS services for a second day, saying it wanted to avert chaos.

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DR Congo election: Internet shut down after presidential vote

The opposition says the government ordered the move to avoid broadcasting its "victory".

Legal marijuana made big promises on racial equity — and fell short

“Time is really up on selling your business dream as a social justice movement,” said the president of the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

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That Bright Blue Light Over New York? Not Space Aliens

A transformer explosion at an electric power substation in the New York City borough of Queens lit up the night sky with a bright blue light Thursday, mystifying some residents, but officials said no one was injured in the incident. “There was a boom and a bang and a flash of light,” said Jim Long, a spokesman for Fire Department New York. “It’s ...

Instagram update leads to accidental rollout of 'swipe' feed — and plenty of backlash

Instagram rolled out an update on Thursday, and the internet exploded — and then the change seemed to be rolled back.

The internet was as weird as ever in 2018. Here are the top moments.

We've collected some of the best parts of the internet in 2018 in an effort to provide a respite from the rest of the internet, which is bad.

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'Tech Addicts' Seek Solace in 12 Steps and Rehab

We like to say we're addicted to our phones or an app or some new show on a streaming video service. But for some people, tech gets in the way of ...

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Thailand to Allow Medical Marijuana, a First in Southeast Asia

Lawmakers unanimously approved legislation that would allow the use of cannabis under medical supervision. The penalty for recreational use would ...

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Thailand approves medicinal cannabis

A lawmaker behind the bill says it has been fast-tracked as a "New Year's gift to the people".

A kid-friendly internet? This company is trying to build one

“You really now need an entirely separate internet, that is based around allowing children to remain anonymous,” said SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins.

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No Charges for Chinese Billionaire Accused of Rape

Chinese billionaire Richard Liu will not face charges over a rape accusation by a Chinese woman studying in Minnesota because prosecutors said Friday they could not prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Liu, founder of the Beijing-based e-commerce site, was arrested Aug. 31 in Minneapolis on suspicion of felony rape and released ...

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The Saturday Profile: The Man Who Brought Leonardo and Galileo Into the 21st Century

Since the dawn of the internet age, Paolo Galluzzi has worked to make the writings and ideas of the two Tuscan geniuses to the widest possible audience.

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Why Australians are celebrating 'gravy day'

It's not a holiday but it is being widely enjoyed - thanks to a song and plenty of internet jokes.

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