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Trump Unveils Space-Based Missile Defense Strategy

President Donald Trump unveiled the military’s long-delayed Missile Defense Review (MDR), the first overhaul of U.S. missile defense policy since 2010. Speaking at the Pentagon Thursday, Trump said his plan will allow the United states to detect and destroy missiles “anywhere, anytime, anyplace.” “It is not enough to keep pace with our ...

California torture house: Adult kids aren't bitter after alleged abuse

"They came from a situation that seemed normal to them. And now, they're in a new normal," said the attorney for the adult children.

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Iran State TV’s English Channel Says Anchorwoman Held in US

A prominent American anchorwoman on Iranian state television’s English-language service has been arrested after flying into the U.S., the broadcaster ...

US clothing company drops Chinese supplier over Xinjiang labor camp fears

A US sportswear company has dropped a Chinese supplier over fears its products were produced using forced labor in detention camps in Xinjiang.

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Texas Republicans fail to oust Muslim official over religion

Some Republicans accused their Muslim colleague of being more loyal to Islam than the US constitution.

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Inmates Battling Addiction Get Unlikely Ally: A Puppy

Caitlin Hyland's New Hampshire jail cell looks like those of many of her fellow inmates, featuring family photos, a few books and a cot. But one ...

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US Apparel Firm Cuts off Chinese Factory in Internment Camp

A U.S. supplier of T-shirts and other team apparel to college bookstores cut its ties Wednesday with a Chinese company that drew workers from an internment camp holding targeted members of ethnic minority groups. In recent years, authorities in ... /
VIDEO: Uber driver recorded calling Black woman n-word in racist rant

A Black woman in Iowa is outraged after getting into a verbal confrontation with an Uber driver who called her a n*gger, and went on a racist tirade just because he couldn’t follow directions to her destination. —Inmates flood Kim Kardashian with letters in wake of Cyntoia Brown clemency win— Kiara White said the driver […] The ... /
Inmates flood Kim Kardashian with letters in wake of Cyntoia Brown clemency win

Kim Kardashian’s victories while championing prison reform over the last year have inspired thousands of inmates from around the country to reach out to her seeking help. According to TMZ, both staffers and inmates in the prison system now refer to the reality star as “The Princess of Prison Reform,” after she successfully helped ... /
Former Florida inmates can now vote starting today thanks to Amendment 4

The voting rights of millions of former felons in Florida can now be restored if they chose to register to vote starting today thanks to Amendment 4, ...

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Philippines Dispatch: Where 518 Inmates Sleep in Space for 170, and Gangs Hold It Together

Misery and overcrowding are worse than ever in the Philippines’ pretrial jails, with guards so outnumbered that gangs increasingly keep the peace.

Hard to digest: Inmates eat holiday steak during shutdown while prison workers go unpaid

Some Florida prisoners mocked the guards while feasting on a New Year’s Day lunch of grilled steak, garlic macaroni biscuits and holiday pies, worker says.

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Young Muslims Celebrate with First Somali-American in Congress

On Thursday, the first Muslim women to serve in Congress, Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan were sworn into office, as inspired young Muslim Americans and refugees watched closely. In the evening, a group of young Muslim men and women from Minnesota, Ohio and the Washington metropolitan area, were buzzing about the ...

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Climbing the Hill: New Legislators Are Sworn In

Editor's note: Voice of America is following two new U.S. lawmakers -- Democratic Representative Katie Porter, representing California's 45th congressional district, and Republican Representative Pete Stauber, representing Minnesota's 8th congressional district -- as they learn the ropes as freshman lawmakers in the 116th U.S. Congress. Through ... /
Private prisons in Georgia cost more than state-run prisons in the state, audit says

  An audit of the prison system in Georgia revealed that private prisons cost more to house inmates than state-run facilities, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. READ MORE: Mother of late singer Aaliyah denies back-up singer’s claim that ...

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Rashida Tlaib to be sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran

The Muslim congresswoman is set to take her oath of office on a Koran owned by the third US president.

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Ghanaian Isaac Owusu-Bempah's church stormed over prophecy

A self-styled prophet angers Muslim youth by predicting the death of the county's main imam.

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What to Watch for as the New Congress Begins

They’ve got the keys to the offices, new paint inside and parties to attend. But on Thursday, the work was beginning when 534 members of the 116th Congress solemnly swear to govern the divided nation. The new Congress will make history for seating a record number of women and becoming the most racially and ethnically diverse. Republicans will ...

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New Somali-American Congresswoman Pushes for Religious Freedom Rules Change

Ilhan Omar is changing the look of Capitol Hill. Omar — one of two lawmakers who will become the first Muslim women ever to serve in the U.S. Congress — wears a headscarf. But her choice of religious head covering is technically banned under the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives. The 116th Congress will be among the most diverse ever. ...

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In New US Congress, Each Party Controls a Chamber

Divided government returns to the United States Thursday with the swearing-in of a new Congress. After two years in which Republicans controlled the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives, Democrats will be the majority in the House. That is the result of the November midterm elections in which Democrats made big gains to end up ... /
California inmate takes unlikely path to freedom: Podcasting

In California, inmates typically are granted parole by doing good deeds or showing they have been rehabilitated by becoming pastors, drug counselors ...

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2-Year-old Yemeni Boy Whose Mom Sued US to see Him Has Died

The 2-year-old son of a Yemeni woman who sued the Trump administration to let her into the country to be with the ailing boy has died, the Council on ...

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Rights Activists Fear China's Human Rights Record Will Deteriorate

In China, 2018 has been a year that rights defenders worldwide say was extremely repressive, particularly when it comes to religious ...

Japan executes two more prisoners

Two death-row inmates were hanged in Japan on Thursday, taking the number of executions in the country this year to 15 -- the highest annual total ...

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The Muslim family that looks after a church

St Matthew's Church is in a rural area of Pakistan where there are hardly any Christians so it's looked after by a local Muslim family.

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US Judge Orders North Korea to Pay $500M in Student’s Death

A federal judge on Monday ordered North Korea to pay more than $500 million in a wrongful death suit filed by the parents of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who died shortly after being released from that country. U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell harshly condemned North Korea for “barbaric mistreatment” of Warmbier in agreeing with ...

After six inmates die in Ohio jails, officials and family search for answers

“I’m not sending anybody else to this hellhole of a jail" except violent felons, one judge said.

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