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Fifa to lift Sierra Leone ban after end of Johansen trial

Fifa will consider lifting Sierra Leone's suspension from international football after the corruption case against the country's FA President Isha Johansen concludes.

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Hungary enforces 'cruel' ban on rough sleeping

Police in Hungary now have the power to remove rough sleepers from streets as well as dismantle huts and shacks /
NAACP Legal Defense Fund tells Florida schools to stop policing Black hair

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has sent a letter to the Florida Department of Education this month asking that it ban schools from enforcing racist ...

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Debating the Future of Handguns: The Canada Letter

Readers offer their views on a proposal to ban handguns and assault weapons in Canada and a look at a novel, multimedia project involving young women ... /
In post-Mugabe era, new Zimbabwe president facing chaotic economic situation

A financial crisis in Zimbabwe is setting off fears that basic necessities like food, medicine and fuel are running out and that the daily shortages ...

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Canada politician says crucifix 'not religious symbol'

Quebec's new leader wants to ban all religious symbols, but says the crucifix does not count.

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Romania marriage poll: Referendum to ban gay unions fails

Just 20.4% voted in a referendum to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

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US to Confront Russia, China on Militarization of Outer Space

At an upcoming U.N. disarmament conference, the United States vows to push back against Russian and Chinese threats against the peaceful use of outer space. The U.N. General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security opens Monday in New York and is scheduled to run five weeks. Ambassador Robert Wood, U.S. permanent ...

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US Announces Charges Against 7 Russian Intelligence Officers

The U.S. Justice Department filed criminal charges against seven Russian intelligence officers n connection with hacking the computer networks of international anti-doping agencies and officials, as well as organizations investigating Russia's use of chemical weapons. Assistant Attorney General John Demers, who announced the charges Thursday, ...

NY Times /
Bill Blair on the Firing Line: The Canada Letter

Cabinet minister Bill Blair is starting likely contentious public meetings as he looks into a possible ban on handguns and assault rifles in Canada.

India's Supreme Court lifts ban on women entering Kerala temple

Women of all ages will be allowed to enter India's Sabarimala Temple, one of Hinduism's holiest sites, after the country's Supreme Court overturned a ...

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Doubts Mount in Botswana Over Charity’s Claim of Elephant ‘Poaching Frenzy’

Critics say that Elephants Without Borders made exaggerated claims to try to influence the government, which is considering rolling back a hunting ban.

Boy Scouts recall piece of uniform over high lead levels

About 110,000 neckerchief slides have been found to contain levels of lead that "exceed the federal lead content ban," CPSC said.

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US House Committee to Vote on Release of Trump Russia Transcripts

A U.S. House of Representatives committee will vote on Friday on whether to release dozens of transcripts of interviews from its investigation of Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, including conversations with senior associates of President Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee is expected to agree to send transcripts of the 53 ...

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Trump Press Conference: From George Washington to Elton John

U.S. President Donald Trump strode up to the lectern and took stock of the world’s press in a five-star New York hotel. “This is quite a gathering. Wow!” he crowed. And so began 1 hour and 22 minutes with the world’s most powerful man, pumped by ...

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Patience Atuhaire: On the trail of illegal 'beauty-cream' smugglers

Despite a ban, skin-lightening creams made from dangerous chemicals are commonly trafficked into Uganda.

Russia appeals to overturn track and field doping ban

Russia has been banned from international track and field for nearly three years.

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Bump Stocks: What's Changed Since Las Vegas Shootings

The gunman in the Las Vegas mass shooting was armed with 23 AR-style weapons, 14 of them fitted with "bump stocks" that allowed them to mimic fully automatic fire. The devices were little-known before they were used in the Oct. 1 rampage, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. And in the immediate aftermath, there were calls from a ...

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Venice considers nightly ban on carrying alcohol

Anyone caught carrying alcohol at night - even sealed tight - could be hit with a hefty fine.

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Russia calls on IAAF to lift doping ban

The Russia Athletic Federation calls on governing body the IAAF to lift its ban on its athletes and has launched a legal challenge to overturn it.

Screenings for lesbian film 'Rafiki' sell out after Kenya lifts ban

Kenyans are turning out en masse to the cinemas to watch 'Rafiki' a movie about love between two women that was previously banned in the country.

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US Troubled by Official Ban on Hong Kong's Pro-Independence Party

The U.S. State Department said Tuesday on Twitter it is concerned about Hong Kong's ban on a political party that advocates for independence from ...

Lesbian romance film shows to sold-out crowd in Nairobi after ban lifted

“Rafiki,” a Kenyan film portraying a lesbian romance that was until Friday banned in Kenya, showed on Sunday to a sold-out audience in Nairobi. /
Movie director overjoyed when Kenya lifts anti-LGBTQ ban for her new film ‘Give thanks to freedom of expression!’

Kenya has lifted the ban on the lesbian film, ‘Rafiki’ allowing adults to view it while opening up an opportunity for the movie to be an ...

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Rob Goldstone 'regrets' email setting up controversial Trump Tower meeting

Rob Goldstone also covers Donald Trump's much-discussed 2013 Moscow trip, in a BBC interview.

Germany approves arms sales to Saudi Arabia, breaking coalition promise

The German government approved the delivery of controversial weapons systems to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan, despite a January ban on arms sales to countries embroiled in the bloody conflict in Yemen, a German lawmaker said Thursday.

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UN General Assembly Pays Tribute to Former UN Chief Annan

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan died Aug. 18 and was buried last week in his home country of Ghana with highest honors. At the United Nations on Friday, the international community and his family remembered Annan as a man of peace who was ...

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