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BBC News /
Gaza's history-making female runner

How a young athlete from the Gaza Strip overcame prejudice and poverty to make Olympic history.

BBC News /
Israel to reopen Gaza cargo crossing if calm holds

Israel shut Kerem Shalom for all but humanitarian deliveries in retaliation for Palestinian attacks.

NY Times /
Israel Eases Restrictions on Gaza Imports After Days of Relative Calm

Moving to stabilize a shaky cease-fire with the Hamas-governed enclave, the Israelis lifted the five-week ban on all goods other than food, medicine ...

Israel and Hamas exchange fire in sudden Gaza escalation

Israel launched scores of air strikes on Gaza after Hamas militants fired rockets into its territory, prompting warnings over the risks of escalation.

BBC News /
Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel

Israel's military says it was targeting Hamas sites after they fired dozens of rockets at Israel.

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Gaza truce shaky after Israeli tank responds to reported fence breach

An Israeli tank targeted a Hamas military post in Gaza Saturday morning in retaliation for a breach of the border fence, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

Shaky ceasefire restored after Israel and Hamas exchange fatal fire

Hours after violence flared between Israel and Hamas for the second time in a week, prompting renewed fears that Gaza could slide quickly into an all-out war, reports that a ceasefire has been restored surfaced.

Washington Post /
Trump administration stays on the sidelines as U.N. envoy pushes for peace in Gaza

With the increasingly desperate Palestinian enclave near the brink, a Bulgarian diplomat is the point man for efforts to head off a war with Israel.

NY Times /
Tech We’re Using: Gaza and Google Translate: Covering the Conflict When You Don’t Speak the Language

David M. Halbfinger, The Times’s Jerusalem bureau chief, found Google Translate useful in Israeli and Palestinian territory, but Waze sometimes ...

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