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Meng Hongwei: Wife of ex-Interpol chief seeks France asylum

Grace Meng's husband is in a Chinese jail and she already has French police protection.

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Top US Navy Officer Urges China to Avoid Confrontations

The U.S. Navy's top officer says he urged China to follow international rules at sea to avoid confrontations and insisted that ships should be able to pass safely though disputed areas of the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait. Chief of U.S. Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson told reporters Friday  China should not see U.S. naval operations in ...

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Germany 'considers ban on Huawei' amid global backlash

Other countries have barred the Chinese firm from their network infrastructure over security concerns.

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US Navy Chief: Aircraft Carrier Could Pass Through Taiwan Strait

The U.S. Navy has not ruled out sending an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait, despite military technology advances by China that pose a ...

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Why is Chinese media blurring these actors' ears?

The Chinese video streaming service blurring earrings worn by male actors has sparked a debate online.

China's first plant to grow on the moon is dead

The first plant to be grown on the moon by humans is likely dead already, Chinese scientists said Thursday.

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Oxford University suspends Huawei donations and sponsorships

The institution suspends donations from the Chinese telecoms giant amid continuing spying controversy.

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Zhao Ziyang: A reformer China's Communist Party wants to forget

Zhao Ziyang was a Chinese leader who opposed sending tanks into Tiananmen Square nearly 30 years ago.

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'Smartphone zombie' fine cheered on Chinese social media

Chinese social media users have welcomed the first fine issued to a so called 'smartphone zombie'

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Ex Trump Lawyer Cohen Paid Man to Rig Online Polls

President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted Thursday that he paid a man in 2015 to rig online opinion polls to favor Trump as he ...

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Why are the Chinese buying fewer cars?

As both the government and households try to reduce their debt levels, car sales across China are declining.

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US to Roll Out New, Space-Based Missile Defense

The Trump administration will roll out a new strategy for a more aggressive space-based missile defense system to protect against existing threats from North Korea and Iran and counter advanced weapon systems being developed by Russia and ...

Canada issues travel warning for China amid 'crisis' over death sentence

Relations between Beijing and Ottawa are at crisis point after a Canadian man was sentenced to death by a Chinese court, a former Canadian ambassador to China told CNN.

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'Made in China 2025' Feels Trade War Pinch

Although it is unclear if the United States and China will be able to meet a 90-day deadline and strike a deal on trade by March 2, the tussle is clearly adding to uncertainty about the future fate of the Chinese government’s strategic plan named “Made in China 2025.” The plan itself is much like other countries’ goals to move up the industrial ...

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Millions of Chinese CVs exposed on cloud server

The exposed database contained detailed information about more than 200 million Chinese people.

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Rare sight of robin in Beijing causes stir and Brexit jokes

This is only the third time the European robin has been spotted in the Chinese capital.

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Competing Against Chinese Loans, U.S. Companies Face Long Odds in Africa

The competition to build an oil refinery in Uganda is a case study in what America faces as it challenges China’s infrastructure lending program.

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Chinese coal mine roof collapse in Shaanxi kills 21

Twenty-one miners die and 66 are rescued at the mine near Shenmu in China's Shaanxi province.

US clothing company drops Chinese supplier over Xinjiang labor camp fears

A US sportswear company has dropped a Chinese supplier over fears its products were produced using forced labor in detention camps in Xinjiang.

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Chinese Peppa Pig fans wish to meet Queen

An episode of Peppa Pig inspired the two girls to ask the British Embassy to help them meet the Queen.

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Chinese businessman arrested in Poland for spying

The arrested Chinese national works for the telecoms company Huawei, Polish media report.

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Chang'e-4: China Moon probes take snaps of each other

A Chinese rover and static lander put on the far side of the Moon take pictures of each other.

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US: China’s Top Trade Negotiator to Visit Soon

U.S. officials expect a visit from China’s top trade negotiator this month in Washington, signaling that higher-level discussions are likely to ...

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US Apparel Firm Cuts off Chinese Factory in Internment Camp

A U.S. supplier of T-shirts and other team apparel to college bookstores cut its ties Wednesday with a Chinese company that drew workers from an ...

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Coke-funded Group Swayed China's Obesity Efforts, Papers Say

A group funded by the food industry undermined China’s efforts to keep obesity rates in check by overemphasizing the importance of physical activity rather than dietary habits, according to new research. The International Life Sciences Institute, created in 1978 by a former Coke executive, is funded by companies including McDonald’s, PepsiCo and ...

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Kim Jong-un leaves China with 'backing for second Trump summit'

Chinese President Xi Jinping said he hoped the two leaders "meet each other halfway", state media reported.

Kim Jong Un departs Beijing after meetings with Xi Jinping

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un departed Beijing Wednesday by train, marking an end to his surprise visit to the Chinese capital that comes as Washington and Pyongyang are trying to hammer out the details of a second summit.

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