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US Syria Withdrawal Risks Vital Strategic Interests

The U.S. withdrawal from Syria may bring to a close an open-ended and strategically unclear military commitment and likely put at risk vital national security interests, according to some analysts. “I guess the problem is that whereas our involvement doesn’t necessarily make things better, our lack of involvement doesn’t either,” said Mark Katz, ...

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Trump Unveils Space-Based Missile Defense Strategy

President Donald Trump unveiled the military’s long-delayed Missile Defense Review (MDR), the first overhaul of U.S. missile defense policy since 2010. Speaking at the Pentagon Thursday, Trump said his plan will allow the United states to detect and destroy missiles “anywhere, anytime, anyplace.” “It is not enough to keep pace with our ...

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Putin Gets Red Carpet Treatment in Serbia, a Fulcrum Once More

As Serbia seeks to join the European Union without damaging its ties with Moscow, the country on the eastern flank of Europe is in play all over ...

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US Considering Allowing Lawsuits over Cuba-confiscated Properties

The Trump administration is considering allowing a law that has been suspended since its creation in 1996 to go into effect, allowing U.S. citizens ...

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As Brexit deal goes down in flames, exasperated Europe wonders what Britain wants

European leaders have implored the British government to find something that will work.

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US Condemns Failed Iranian Attempt to Put a Satellite in Orbit

The United States is criticizing Iran's failed attempt Tuesday to launch a satellite into orbit. Iranian officials say the launch failed when the ...

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Rise of the Golden Jackal

A species that was barely known in Europe now vastly outnumbers wolves there, and is rapidly spreading north and west.

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Has Trump turned his back on Europe?

How has Donald Trump's presidency changed America's relationship with Europe?

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US Warns German Firms of Possible Sanctions over Russia Pipeline

The U.S. ambassador to Germany has warned companies involved in the construction of the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that they could face sanctions if they stick to the project, a senior U.S. official said on Sunday. U.S. President Donald Trump has accused Germany of being a "captive" of Moscow due to its reliance on Russian energy and ...

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India Finally Has Plan to Fight Air Pollution. Environmentalists Are Wary.

As elections near, the government’s National Clean Air Program promises big change in cities, but says little about how that can be achieved.

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Snow brings parts of Europe to standstill

Roads are blocked, trains halted and schools shut by snow in parts of Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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Shutdown Suspends Federal Cleanups at US Superfund Sites

The government shutdown has suspended federal cleanups at Superfund sites around the nation and forced the cancellation of public hearings, deepening the mistrust and resentment of surrounding residents who feel people in power long ago abandoned ...

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Heavy snow hits parts of Europe

Several people have died as heavy snow continues to cause disruption across parts of Europe.

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Pompeo Calls for New Spirit of Cooperation Between US, Arab Allies

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Egyptian leaders Thursday on the third stop of his nine-nation tour of the Middle East. The top U.S. diplomat said his country was pulling out of Syria, but remained steadfast in its determination to fight terrorism. In a speech at the American University in Cairo, he maintained that the U.S. was a ...

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Ford to cut thousands of jobs in turnaround plan

The carmaker Ford announces plans for a major shake-up of operations in the UK and mainland Europe.

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Rescued Migrants, at Sea for Weeks, Struggle to Reach a New Life

As Europe takes a harder stance against migrants, the Sea-Watch 3 and its desperate passengers were denied safe harbor for weeks, until an apparent ...

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Drone Sighting at Heathrow Airport Halts Departures

The decision to restrict traffic at the busiest airport in Europe came not long after nearby Gatwick was closed for parts of three days because of ...

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Why so much snow for Europe?

Heavy snowfall brings widespread disruption to parts of Europe, Matt Taylor takes a look.

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Pope Francis Appeals to Europe to Show ‘Solidarity’ With Migrants

Francis warned against a resurgence of populist movements and urged compassion for migrants fleeing poverty, violence and natural disasters.

Illegal migration to EU falls to lowest level in 5 years

The number of people illegally crossing into Europe dropped last year to its lowest level in five years -- but there's been a spike in the number reaching Spain, figures show.

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Carter Administration Defense Secretary Harold Brown Dies at 91

Harold Brown, who as defense secretary in the Carter administration championed cutting-edge fighting technology during a tenure that included the ...

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Harlem Hellfighters: The black soldiers who brought jazz to Europe

A US regiment of musicians called the Harlem Hellfighters helped the French discover the joys of jazz

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(Im)migration News Recap, Dec. 23-29

Editor's note: We want you to know what's happening, why and how it could impact your life, family or business, so we created a weekly digest of the ...

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Student Customers Look for Options to US Higher Ed

For Canadian-American Kristin Clay, cost was a significant factor when she chose Aalborg University in Denmark for a master's degree in culture, ...

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Europe theme for Edinburgh New Year party

Anyone attempting to break the no fly zone rules around Edinburgh's celebrations will be caught, police say.

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Europe shares rally after torrid week

US shares bounced between modest gains and losses in choppy trade on Friday.

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Renaissance Master Tintoretto’s 500th to Travel to US

A Venetian cloth dyer’s son, Tintoretto spent his entire career in Venice, becoming widely considered the last great painter of the Renaissance. The lagoon city’s churches and palazzi essentially serve as a permanent retrospective of this native ...

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