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Iranians vent anger at Trump as the wheels come off their economy

Many people caught up in the onslaught of US sanctions and Iran's economic slide are venting their anger at Donald Trump, not their own leaders -- at least for now.

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Trump, Democrats Face Different Political Landscape Ahead of Midterms

In less than three months, U.S. voters will cast ballots in midterm congressional elections that could alter the course of Donald Trump’s presidency. Results from recent primary and special elections reveal a political landscape highlighted by energized Democrats, dedicated Trump supporters and a sense in both parties that a polarized country is ...

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Turnout in Minnesota, Wisconsin Primaries at Two-Decade High

Voter engagement in the 2018 U.S. midterm races remains feverish, primaries in notable swing states Wisconsin and Minnesota showed on Tuesday. Both ...

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White House Admits Error on Black Employment Claim

The White House has acknowledged error in its false claim that President Donald Trump created three times as many jobs for African-Americans than ...

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Lira rallies after Turkey raises tariffs on US imports

Ankara says the rises were ordered after "attacks on the Turkish economy" by the US.

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Erdogan Faces a Challenge He Can’t Easily Bully: Turkey’s Economy

Turks are bracing for more financial turmoil. Economists warn that the problem is broader and deeper than a spat with the United States.

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Trump's Harley Boycott Call Roils Wisconsin Primary

President Donald Trump's call for a boycott of Harley-Davidson motorcycles forced Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans to either criticize the president or stick with the Milwaukee-based company just ahead of Tuesday's primary where Trump ...

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'ALT-RIGHT: Age of Rage' Portends Clash of Political Extremes

In the documentary ALT-RIGHT: Age of Rage, filmmaker Adam Lough looks at the rise of the alternative right movement in America and its ideological components. The “alt-right” movement, as it is often called, is a political grouping that combines racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and populism. The term has been embraced by white ...

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Zimbabwe Ousted Mugabe. The Economy’s Still a Mess.

Zimbabwe’s recent elections were meant to usher in a new era after decades of oppressive rule. But has anything truly changed? We met Vincent, an ambitious college graduate who is desperate to leave. “Things are not working here.”

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Japan's economy rebounds in the second quarter

The economy grew at a faster pace than expected in the second quarter of the year, figures show.

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Russia Denounces US 'Novichok' Sanctions

Faced with a new round of U.S.-sanctions over alleged chemical weapons use, Russia denounced the move as an “illegal” gesture that defied attempts by ...

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Patience for North Korea Nuclear Progress is Being Tested

Increasing economic and political pressure could revive tensions with North Korea in the coming months, unless significant denuclearization progress is made. “This calm that we are seeing right now is not exactly sustainable,” said Go Myong-Hyun, ...

How will US sanctions actually affect Iran?

The first wave of "snap back" sanctions -- reimposed due to the US departure from the nuclear deal -- will hit Iran's vulnerable economy harder than many are anticipating.

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Ankara on Collision Course With Washington Over Iran Sanctions

U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order Monday to introduce sanctions against Iran threatens to put Washington and Ankara on a collision course.  Ankara insists Trump's unilateral actions do not bind it. The looming dispute threatens to exacerbate existing tensions between the two NATO allies. "We are going to aggressively enforce our ...

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Trump's Twitter Attacks May Overshadow Economic Message

President Donald Trump has been busy on the congressional campaign trail lately, eager to tout the strong U.S. economy on behalf of Republican candidates leading up to this year’s midterm elections in November. But the president has also repeatedly ...

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Trump's Twitter Attacks Threaten to Overshadow Economic Message

Buoyed by a strong economy, President Donald Trump has vowed to campaign extensively on behalf of Republican congressional candidates in advance of ...

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Kenyan President Kenyatta to Visit White House

The White House announced Monday that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta would visit August 27. Kenyatta will meet with President Trump to discuss ...

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China Lashes Out as Retaliatory Moves Fail to Stop Trump Trade Actions

Chinese state media are reacting to U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade actions against China in diverse ways. While denouncing the U.S. leader’s actions, Beijing is also using its media to calm markets and express concern about the impact on the Chinese economy. An editorial in the Communist Party's People's Daily said that by raising tariffs ...

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Bolton: No US Involvement in Attack in Venezuela

U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday the United States had no involvement in the apparent assassination attempt on Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro. "I can say unequivocally there was no U.S. government involvement in this at all," Bolton told Fox News. In a televised speech late Saturday hours after the attack, Maduro said ...

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Sweden’s Tallest Peak Shrinks in Record Heat

Soaring temperatures are melting snow and ice from Kebnekaise’s southern peak, making the northern part of the mountain Sweden’s highest point.

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Zimbabwe election: Hustling for cash to survive

Nothing shows the desperate state of Zimbabwe's economy more than the severe shortage of cash.

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Egypt’s powerful president is facing unusual dissent over rapidly rising prices

Fixing his country’s economy is a core challenge for President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi as he enters his second term in office. Western donors are ...

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