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Indigenous Peoples Stage Solidarity March on Washington

“U.S. political leaders and the media have ignored us long enough.” That’s the message thousands of international indigenous activists will be bringing to Washington Friday for the first ever Indigenous Peoples March. They are seeking to bring national attention to injustices endured by Indigenous people across the globe. The event, coming a ... /
Muhammad Ali honored with the renaming of Louisville Airport

  Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion and social justice activist who unapologetically became known as “The Greatest,” is being remembered in his hometown with the renaming of the Louisville Regional Airport in honor of his legacy. —Muhammad Ali’s widow sells 81-acre Michigan estate for $2.5 million— On ... /
French Montana expresses support for R. Kelly and his “legacy”; immediately regrets it and backtracks

In the days since the Surviving R. Kelly documentary aired, a number of high-profile celebrities have weighed in and done everything from loudly ...

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ANC manifesto: Land, jobs and blockchain

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa unveils economic and social plans ahead of May elections.

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Veterans Feel the Pinch, Weigh the Cost of Government Shutdown

It is more than three weeks into the partial government shutdown. Among the hundreds of thousands of federal employees affected by the political ...

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South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa urges action against 'rape crisis'

President Ramaphosa says the high number of rapes is a national crisis and urges men to fight it.

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South Africa's Jacob Zuma lands recording deal

South Africa's ex-President, Jacob Zuma, has inked a recording deal, adding another venture to his controversial political career.

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GOP Confronts Anxiety About Trump Primary Challenge

Donald Trump declared himself "the most popular president in the history of the Republican Party'' on Wednesday. Yet his allies fear a primary challenge from a high-profile Republican could doom his re-election. The concern was outlined in a private email shared among Republican National Committee members hours after the GOP's last failed ...

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Jacob Zuma: Ex South Africa president in row over music album

South Africa's Jacob Zuma is recording an album of protest songs, to be paid for with public money. /
Aretha Franklin’s estate on the hook for $6 million in unpaid Income tax to the IRS

Aretha Franklin, who died earlier this year after a cancer battle has financial woes that lives on. The Queen of Soul reportedly owes the IRS a ... /
Richard Overton, America’s oldest man and World War II veteran dies at 112

World War II vet and Austin, Tex., resident Richard Overton, died on Thursday, leaving behind a legacy as a centenarian who was America’s oldest man ... /
Embattled ex-South African Jacob Zuma pleads his case on Twitter

Several months after former South African president Jacob Zuma resigned after pressure from his party and amid a scandal, he has resurfaced on Twitter fighting to clear his name, the Associate Press reports. READ MORE: See who’s tapped to play Diana ...

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Turkey to Delay Offensive on US-Backed Forces in Syria 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that his country would hold off on a military operation against the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria, citing a telephone conversation this past week with U.S. President Donald Trump. "Our phone call with Mr. Trump, as well as the contacts of our diplomatic and security units, and ...

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