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Devastating Toxic Algae Bloom Plagues Florida's Gulf Coast

Tons of dead fish. A smell so awful you gag with one inhale. Empty beaches, empty roads, empty restaurants.   A toxic algae bloom has overrun Florida's southern Gulf Coast this summer, devastating sea life and driving people from the water.   "I've never seen it this bad," said 31-year-old Heather Lamb of Venice. She's a hairdresser and makeup ...

North Dakota farmers struggle with a toxic byproduct of the oil boom

The state of North Dakota doesn't even know how many acres of cropland have been damaged by saltwater spills, a byproduct of the local oil boom.

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Update: On an Indonesian Island Hit by Multiple Earthquakes, Can Tourism Recover?

“Travelers are panicking” after Lombok, an emerging tourism destination, was hit by multiple earthquakes. But should they?

Gov't report warns Trump's wall may bust the budget, face delays, won't work as planned

The GAO study found that the Department of Homeland Security has not done the necessary cost estimates to develop future budget requests.

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Cuba moves toward officially recognizing private property, foreign investment

A rewrite of communist Cuba’s constitution would also create the position of prime minister.

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Trump Declares California Wildfires as 'Major Emergency'

President Donald Trump has declared that a "major disaster" exists in California and has ordered federal funding to be made available to help fight ...

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Britain’s queen is counting her swans in a ritual with much poop and circumstance

As far as poultry tourism goes, Swan Upping cannot be beat.

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