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The 'spiritual leader' of the group behind the 2002 Bali bombings will be freed

Abu Bakar Bashir, a radical Islamic cleric and the alleged mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombings, has been granted early release from jail on humanitarian grounds.

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US Navy Chief: Aircraft Carrier Could Pass Through Taiwan Strait

The U.S. Navy has not ruled out sending an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait, despite military technology advances by China that pose a greater threat to U.S. warships than ever before, the chief of U.S. naval operations said Friday. Washington sent ships through the strategic waterway three times last year as it makes more frequent ...

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She Recorded Her Boss’s Lewd Call. Guess Who Went to Jail?

A bookkeeper’s ordeal has become a very public example of Indonesia’s failure to protect women from sexual harassment.

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US: Airstrikes in Somalia Kill 4 al-Shabab Extremists

The United States military says it has carried out two airstrikes in Somalia that killed four al-Shabab extremists. The U.S. Africa Command ...

Indonesian volcano behind tsunami loses height, volume

Anak Krakatoa, the Indonesia volcano that triggered a deadly tsunami a week ago, has lost two-thirds of its height, a government agency said.

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The Saturday Profile: He Helped Indonesia Through a ‘Year of Disasters,’ While Facing His Own

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a government spokesman, has kept the public informed about earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis while being treated for Stage 4 ...

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Boston Marathon Bomber's Lawyers Want Death Sentence Tossed

Attorneys for Boston Marathon bomber Dzkhokhar Tsarnaev say his death sentence should be tossed because the judge's refusal to move the case out of the city where the bombs exploded made it impossible for him to get a fair trial. Tsarnaev's legal ...

Indonesia tsunami: Grim search for survivors continues

The desperate search continues Wednesday for survivors of a tsunami which struck parts of western Indonesia, as the country marks the 14-year anniversary of its 2004 Sumatra tragedy -- one of the most devastating ever recorded.

Indonesians worry another tsunami is coming, as 16,000 displaced and hundreds dead or injured

As the threat of more deadly tsunamis casts a pall over Indonesia, the country's National Disaster Mitigation Agency said Tuesday that more than 16,000 people are displaced.

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Indonesia tsunami: New warning system 'to be built next year'

Saturday's tsunami was triggered by a volcano and hit without warning, killing more than 400 people.

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As Volcano Rumbles, Tsunami-Battered Indonesia Issues Beach Warning

Officials fear that a second tsunami may follow the one that killed at least 429 people and injured more than 1,480 on Saturday.

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Somber Christmas on Indonesia’s tsunami-hit islands as death toll tops 420

More than 120 people are still missing as rain and blocked roads hinder rescue efforts.

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Indonesian Tsunami: Scenes of Devastation

A powerful tsunami hit Indonesia without warning on Saturday. Almost 400 people have been killed and 5,000 displaced. Officials are still investigating the cause, but volcanic activity on the island of Anak Krakatau could be to blame.

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How to Help Tsunami Victims in Indonesia

The tsunami that struck over the weekend killed hundreds and injured more than a thousand others. Here’s a guide to where to donate.

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Indonesia tsunami: Death toll from Anak Krakatau volcano rises

The country's disaster mitigation agency says at least 373 people died and 128 remain missing.

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Photos From the Indonesia Tsunami: Searching for Loved Ones, Assessing the Damage

Rescue workers and residents of the country’s two most populous islands were left to sift through the wreckage in the hopes of finding those still ...

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Indonesia tsunami: Rock band Seventeen swept away by waves

The band were performing on the beach when waves crashed through the tent, engulfing the stage.

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Anak Krakatau: Volcanologist explains Indonesia eruption images

The volcano in Indonesia is now entering a new, deadly phase, writes US volcanologist Jess Phoenix.

Tsunami strikes without warning, killing 222 in Indonesia

A tsunami that struck Indonesian coastlines without warning Saturday night killed at least 222 people and left hundreds of others injured or missing, officials said.

Tsunami in Indonesia kills at least 222 without warning

A tsunami that hit Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung, Indonesia, Saturday night, killed at least 222 people and injured at least 700.

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Fears of new Indonesia tsunami as Anak Krakatau volcano seethes

Waves thought linked to the Anak Krakatau volcano killed at least 222 people in Indonesia on Saturday.

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Tsunami Kills Over 220 in Indonesia and Injures Over 800 More

Officials said the tsunami, which killed at least 222 and injured over 800 more, might have been set off by an underwater landslide caused by ...

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Indonesia tsunami: 'I clung to a bench'

Survivors of Saturday's tsunami in Indonesia speak about the devastation.

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