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Trump messes up Aretha tribute by saying the Queen of Soul once worked for him

  After news broke that Aretha Franklin passed away on Thursday, tributes to the Queen of Soul started pouring in from fans and celebrities. Celebs post tributes to Aretha Franklin on social media Even Donald Trump attempted to pay his respects to the late legend, and as expected he messed up the tribute by suggesting […] The post Trump ... /
Adorable six-year-old Black boy banned from school for dreadlocks

A six-year-old dressed impeccably in his uniform for his first day of school was turned away at the door of a Florida Christian School and told he couldn’t attend because his dreadlocks didn’t fit the dress code. Um, does that sound like the “christian” thing to say to a child? —ACLU challenges measure closing nine […] The ...

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Islamic State ‘Well-Positioned’ to Rebuild Caliphate

Destroying the Islamic State is proving more difficult than the United States and its allies envisioned, with the most recent intelligence ... /
Confederate flag wavers crash Georgia parade honoring war veterans amid America’s dwindling white population

A parade to honor the memories of war veterans was crashed by a group who waved the Confederate flag along the route, even though the controversial ...

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John Hopoate: Former Australia and NRL player given 10-year ban

Ex-Australia player John Hopoate is banned from the sport for 10 years for his behaviour during a minor-league match.

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Secret Audio? In Trump World, There's Always a Tape

Lordy, there are tapes. And tapes and tapes and more tapes. Omarosa Manigault Newman’s former colleagues say they are shocked that she secretly ...

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Taiwan mocks Beijing over new Winnie the Pooh film

Taiwan's government has mocked Beijing over rumors a new film featuring Winnie the Pooh has been banned in mainland China, due to comparisons between the yellow bear and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Longtime Manafort Deputy Rick Gates Admits Embezzlement

The government's star witness in the financial fraud trial of Paul Manafort testified Monday that he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the former Trump campaign chairman — and told jurors he and Manafort committed crimes together. Rick Gates has been regarded as a crucial witness for the government ever since he pleaded guilty this ...

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Facebook, Apple, YouTube Drop Alt-Right Conspiracy Outlet InfoWars

Several major media outlets announced Monday that they would be removing content from InfoWars, a far-right, conspiracy-peddling media source. On Monday, Apple announced it had removed hundreds of podcasts produced by InfoWars from its iTunes and podcast apps. Facebook said it had removed four pages belonging to InfoWars founder Alex Jones. ...

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Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes

Hot weather has touched all of the continent, but it has had the most impact in northern countries, unaccustomed to sustained heat, suggesting that ...

Confusion reigns over surrender of 200 ISIS fighters

Over 200 ISIS fighters have surrendered to the Afghan army in the country's north, with some reports suggesting they handed themselves over to the ...

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