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NY Times /
Martin Bregman, Producer of ‘Scarface’ and ‘Serpico,’ Dies at 92

Mr. Bregman was a personal manager to stars like Barbra Streisand and Al Pacino. Later, he worked with the directors Sidney Lumet and Brian De Palma.

NY Times /
Charles Krauthammer, Prominent Conservative Voice, Dies at 68

A former liberal, he abandoned psychiatry for journalism and overcame tragedy to become an independent-minded political commentator.

Reuters /
Conservative U.S. commentator Charles Krauthammer dies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Krauthammer, who gave up a psychiatric career to become one of the leading conservative ...

Koko, beloved gorilla that mastered sign language, dies

The Gorilla Foundation says the 46-year-old western lowland gorilla died Tuesday in her sleep at the foundation's preserve in California's Santa Cruz ...

Time /
Charles Krauthammer, Conservative Political Commentator, Dies at 68

He wrote in early June that he had terminal cancer

Time /
Kate Spade’s Father Dies on the Eve of Her Funeral

The family says he was 89 and had been in failing health

Drudge Report /
Revenge-porn bill dies after 11th-hour campaign by GOOGLE...

Revenge-porn bill dies after 11th-hour campaign by GOOGLE... (Second column, 19th story, link) Advertise here

NY Times /
Koko the Gorilla, Who Used Sign Language and Befriended Mr. Rogers, Dies at 46

Koko became an instant celebrity in her youth and charmed entertainers like Fred Rogers and Robin Williams, as well as their audiences.

Gorilla who mastered sign language dies

Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language and showed the world what great apes can do, has died.

NY Times /
Stanley Cavell, Prominent Harvard Philosopher, Dies at 91

Professor Cavell, an expert in so-called ordinary language philosophy, found deep thoughts in popular areas like movies and plays.

Koko the gorilla dies: 'She taught me so much,' trainer says

Koko, the western lowland gorilla who learned sign language and became a pop-culture phenomenon human celebrities clamored to rub shoulders with, has ...

E! Online /
Koko the Gorilla Dies at 46

Koko, the famous gorilla who learned sign language, has died. The Gorilla Foundation announced the news on Wednesday. According to the organization, the primate passed away early in her...

Reuters /
Koko, gorilla who used sign language, dies in California

(Reuters) - Koko, a western lowland gorilla said to have mastered American Sign Language, has died aged 46, the California institute which studied her said on Thursday.

Fox News /
New York's revenge-porn bill dies after 11th-hour campaign by Google

New York’s revenge-porn bill died early Thursday morning after the Senate adjourned for the year and took no action in the wake of an 11th-hour campaign by Google against the legislation.

Fox News /
Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, dies at 46

Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died.

Washinton Post /
Kazuo Kashio, co-founder of Casio electronics company, dies at 89

He founded the Japanese company with three brothers.

NY Times /
Dr. Adel Mahmoud, Who Was Credited With HPV and Rotavirus Vaccines, Dies at 76

As president of Merck Vaccines, Dr. Mahmoud overcame doubts in developing vaccines against two threats to women and babies: HPV and rotavirus.

WATCH: World News 06/17/18: Powerful Storms Strike States in the Midwest

2 suicide bombings end 3 days of peace in Afghanistan; Good Samaritan helps save unresponsive child on the side of the road

NY Times /
Douglas Bennet, Who Led NPR and Wesleyan, Dies at 79

In his 10 years at National Public Radio, Mr. Bennet brought financial stability to the organization, which had been on shaky fiscal ground.

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