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More children aren't receiving vaccines from their doctors, CDC says

Since 2001, the percentage of unvaccinated babies and toddlers quadrupled from 0.3 percent to 1.3 percent in 2015, the CDC says.        

Number of young U.S. children without vaccines on the rise

Although 70 percent of young children are vaccinated a small but growing number of children are not, worrying health officials.

Thousands of young US children get no vaccines, survey finds

Worried health officials say a small but growing proportion of the youngest children in the U.S. have not been vaccinated against any disease

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Percentage of young U.S. children who don’t receive any vaccines has quadrupled since 2001

A pair of reports highlight a growing concern among health officials about children who aren’t getting protection against preventable diseases.

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The Big Number: Millions of flu vaccines will be offered this season

Shots and nasal vaccine are directed against the flu strains expected to be most common.

Which flu vaccine should you get?

Numerous flu vaccines are on the market now and people have some choices.

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GSK Vaccine Success a Milestone in TB, But Room for Improvement

An experimental GlaxoSmithKline vaccine could prevent tuberculosis developing in half of those who receive it, making it potentially the first new shot against the global killer in a century, researchers said on Tuesday. Given the failure of other ...

Watchdog: MDs with convictions hired to examine immigrants

The Homeland Security's watchdog group has found some physicians hired to examine immigrants have criminal convictions, a history of sexual misconduct or have been sanctioned for allowing her team to dilute vaccines

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UN: A Child Dies Every Five Seconds, Most Are Preventable Deaths

An estimated 6.3 million children died before their 15th birthdays in 2017, or one every five seconds, mostly due to a lack of water, sanitation, nutrition and basic healthcare, according to report by United Nations agencies on Tuesday. The vast majority of these deaths – 5.4 million – occur in the first five years of life, with newborns ...

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