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NY Times /
How a Ballet Dancer Brought Balance to U.C.L.A. Gymnastics

Valorie Kondos Field, known to many as Miss Val, has created something of an oasis in a sport often characterized by intense turbulence.

USA Today /
Stuttgart denied again as Leipzig wins 3-1 in Bundesliga

Stuttgart's hopes of a reprieve after another week of turbulence went unanswered Saturday as Leipzig won their game 3-1 to consolidate fourth place in the Bundesliga        

WATCH: World News 02/13/19: Violent Turbulence Rocks Delta Flight

Jussie Smollett: 'I'm pissed off' at people who question attack; Veteran New York police detective fatally shot in crossfire

USA Today /
5 Delta passengers injured in severe turbulence, flight made emergency landing in Reno

Three of the five injured passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight were taken to a local hospital.        

USA Today /
Hectic moments after 'crazy turbulence' on Delta flight

A Delta passenger captures the mess made in the aisle of the plane after 'crazy turbulence and injuries' during the flight. On his Twitter ...

WATCH: Violent turbulence rocks Delta flight, injuring at least 3 passengers

The plane took off from California and was en route to Seattle, but was forced to divert to Reno, Nevada.

The Guardian /
Stocks surge as Fed leaves US interest rates on hold and promises 'patience' - as it happened

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as America’s central bank leaves interest rates on hold and strikes a dovish toneLatest: Fed leaves rates on holdWhat’s changedEarlier:UK credit growth hits four-year lowIntroduction: ...

Boeing's flying high -- is it about to crack $100B for the first time?

Worries about the economic slowdown in China have led to some turbulence on Wall Street this year. But aerospace and defense giant Boeing has had no problem navigating the choppy skies so far in 2019.

USA Today /
An Air New Zealand flight so turbulent it made passengers vomit is now offering refunds

The flight, NZ5715 from Christchurch to Invercargill in New Zealand, faced "strong turbulence during the descent."        

Venezuela's crumbling oil output could lead to the U.S. looking for more oil from Canada

More turbulence in Venezuela — including the threat of United States sanctions on its crude oil ...

What Venezuelan turmoil could mean for Canada's oilpatch

More turbulence in Venezuela — including the threat of United States sanctions on its crude oil ...

Global turbulence, emerging technologies pose intelligence challenges, new strategy says

The 2019 National Intelligence Strategy also mentions space as a key area of concern, alongside risks from cyberattacks and violent extremism

Reuters /
Asset managers brace for more job cuts amid market turbulence

Turmoil on financial markets is expected to deepen layoffs and accelerate acquisitions in the fund management industry.

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