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Joe Biden to announce presidential bid on Thursday – live news

Former vice-president to officially launch bid for president, while Jared Kushner says Mueller investigation ‘just a big distraction’Sign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 7.55pm BST Following Jared Kushner onstage (though not immediately) onstage at the Time 100 summit, Hillary Clinton makes a point opposite to what Kushner said. ...

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MPs campaign to have Donald Trump's UK state visit cancelled

Activists say Trump’s three-day visit from 3 June will prompt ‘huge mobilisation’ Theresa May has beencriticised for allowing Donald Trump to make a state visit in June for D-day commemorations, with MPs orchestrating a campaign to stop the US president addressing parliament.Labour said it “beggars belief” that the government is offering the ...

Biden set to launch presidential campaign on Thursday

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been publicly mulling a bid for months, is due to hold his first campaign event in Pittsburgh

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Joe Biden Is Expected to Launch His 2020 Presidential Campaign on Thursday: Source

The 76-year-old Democrat will enter the race as a front-runner

Woman who became face of anti-drunk driving campaign has died

Jacqui Saburido, the woman whose disfigured face became a symbol of the dangers of drunk driving after she suffered horrific burns in a 1999 crash, ...

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort is now in federal prison

Sentenced in two separate cases in March, Manafort is serving 7.5 years for fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy.

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It's time for nations to unite around an International Green New Deal | Yanis Varoufakis and David Adler

Several countries have proposed their own versions of a Green New Deal, but climate change knows no borders. We need a global responseIn times of crisis and catastrophe, children are often forced to grow up quickly. We are now witnessing this ...

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Verizon raises profit forecast, loses more phone subscribers

Verizon Communications Inc on Tuesday raised its 2019 profit forecast and beat Wall Street estimates for quarterly profit as it focuses on cost cuts, but the U.S. wireless carrier lost more phone subscribers than analysts had expected.

Kamala Harris vows to take executive action on guns as president

The California senator previewed the plan during a town hall Monday night, and her campaign plans to unveil the full proposal Tuesday

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Marathon town hall: 5 hours, 5 candidates, few ideological distinctions

The Democratic presidential candidates are swapping praise and avoiding conflict early in the 2020 campaign.

'You can't impeach,' Trump says. Don't expect Democrats to try to prove him wrong.

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report detailing questionable conduct by President Donald ...

Fact checking Trump's claims that Mueller did not interview people 'closest' to him and his campaign

President Donald Trump claimed special counsel Robert Mueller did not interview the people closest to him and his 2016 presidential campaign in another of his ongoing attacks against the former FBI director's report.

Kansas 7-footer Udoka Azubuike announces he'll wait on NBA Draft and return for his senior season

The oft-injured KU big man will be back for one more year after an injury cut short his 2018-19 campaign

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Pelosi cautions against impeachment while acknowledging Democratic split – live

House speaker sent letter to Democrats saying ‘holding the president accountable can be gained outside of impeachment hearings’Sign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 8.09pm BST Donald Trump has been tweeting Fox News clips all day. By our count this is number 5.“A very exculpatory section of the Mueller Report: NO CONSPIRACY, ...

GOP senator says she doesn't think it's 'necessary' for Mueller to testify

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Monday she didn't think testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller would be necessary in the days ahead, a sign of the clear split between Republicans and Democrats ...

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Experts Warn Latest Trump Administration Move on Iran Could Backfire

President Donald Trump’s decision Monday to end six-month waivers from U.S. sanctions for five countries that have continued buying Iranian oil ...

Pompeo cancels sanctions waivers for Iranian oil imports

It's the latest escalation of the administration's maximum pressure campaign on Tehran

Democrats can investigate Trump and pursue new ideas -- and media can cover both

Joe Lockhart writes that the Democratic candidates can both investigate the possibility of Donald Trump's impeachment and put forth a platform addressing the issues the American people care about, and the media should cover both of these aspects of the campaign.

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Capitol Report: As industry spends millions on lobbying and campaign donations, Congress acts on retirement legislation

The financial industry has engaged in significant lobbying on legislation that would revamp the U.S. retirement system, and it’s now sounding delighted about the bills that are making their way through Congress.

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Joe Biden Plans to Close Foundation When He Enters 2020 Race

Seeking to avoid conflict-of-interest concerns, the former vice president plans to shutter the Biden Foundation after joining the presidential campaign.

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From Cockpit to Campaign, Two Marine Airmen Gun for the House

Scott Cooper and Richard Bew flew hundreds of hours in a warplane together. Now they are Democrats running for adjacent House seats in North Carolina.

Supreme Court to decide on workplace discrimination against LGBT people

The cases will be argued in the fall, with decisions likely by June 2020 in the middle of the presidential election campaign

Next steps following the Mueller report: Democrats considering impeachment

Democrats are debating if there is enough information in the Mueller report to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Meanwhile, Mr. ...

Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel thousands in student debt for 42 million

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign believes the plan will cost $1.25 trillion over a decade

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Russian hackers are hijacking computers at US embassies

Russian hackers have apparently launched cyberattacks against American embassies, although it might not be the kind of campaign you're expecting. Check Point Research reports that the attackers have attempted to compromise PCs at embassies in countr...

New Ukrainian leader's campaign took page from sitcom script

Ukrainian president-elect's positions mirror lines spoken by the teacher-turned-president he played on TV

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White House Easter Egg Roll rolls on for 141st year, the third for Trumps

It's first lady Melania Trump's third White House Easter Egg Roll, a 141-year-old tradition that attracts thousands of kids.        

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