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R.E.M. blasts Trump for retweeting video that uses 'Everybody Hurts' to mock Democrats

The alternative rockers are not happy that President Donald Trump retweeted a snarky video clip from his State of the Union address that features the band's early '90s song "Everybody Hurts." The earnest ballad plays over clips of Democrats looking none too pleased with the speech.

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Amy Klobuchar Casts Herself as Heartland Democrat in First Campaign Swing

Ms. Klobuchar made her first campaign stop in Wisconsin, a state Hillary Clinton did not visit during the general election campaign in 2016 and lost to Donald J. Trump by less than one point.

Trump's national emergency declaration faces legal challenges

President Trump says he expects a legal battle after declaring a national emergency to access money for his proposed border wall. Mr. Trump signed a ...

Democratic contenders step up calls for gun control legislation following Illinois shooting

As the nation once again grappled with the tragedy and shock of another workplace shooting rampage, the 2020 Democratic candidates decried the ...

Behind the scenes: How four veteran lawmakers saved the budget deal and avoided a second shutdown

Richard Shelby needed a drink. As the top Republican negotiator in Congress, the powerful Appropriations Committee chairman had spent the past few ...

Biden repudiates Trump policies in Munich speech

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson stopped short of imposing a broad ban on public comments by Stone

Ocasio-Cortez returns to her Bronx neighborhood for her inaugural address

Ocasio-Cortez launched into a formal address to establish the agenda driving her congressional work, an unusual move for a freshman member of Congress.

Graham: Trump made "persuasive case" for national emergency

"Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan spoke with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., for an interview to air Sunday, Feb. 17.

Graham says Trump has to "do it on his own" to build the wall

President Trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall on Friday

US needs an internet data privacy law, GAO tells Congress - CNET

Chief auditor cites Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data scandal as an example of why a privacy law is necessary.

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Week 91: Mueller’s Case for Collusion Comes Into View

The special counsel has begun to draw sharper lines between Russia, Wikileaks, Roger Stone and the Trump campaign.

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Stocking shelves and clearing brush, guardsmen serve on border amid political heat

Critics deride deployment as political theater by President Trump; supporters say guardsmen are a “godsend” for overburdened Border Patrol.

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Bernie Sanders says it’s time for the super rich to ‘do the morally right thing’

Social Security is facing insolvency in 15 years; Sanders and some Democrats in Congress propose raising the amount of income that can be taxed, among other initiatives.

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With Trump’s Tough Deterrents, Many Asylum Seekers on the Border are Giving Up

Thousands of migrants waiting to cross into the United States are returning home or staying in Mexico, dealing the president an apparent win.

Calif. governor accuses Trump of 'ignoring real emergency': Camp Fire

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said President Donald Trump is ignoring a "real emergency" -- Camp Fire afterward -- and is "manufacturing a crisis" on border.

US commits another diplomatic fumble over Iran

During the conference on Middle East security this week, the United States staged a big diplomatic show and tried to rally the world behind the Trump ...

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U.S. President Trump to get update on China trade talks

President Donald Trump will get an update on trade talks with China on Saturday at his Florida retreat, after U.S.-Chinese discussions in Beijing saw progress ahead of a looming March 1 deadline for reaching a deal.

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Democrats seek 'best way' to force Trump to reveal private Putin talks

House intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff taking legal steps to try to compel administration officials to turn over documentsDemocrats are seeking “the best way” to force Donald Trump to reveal what he discussed in private meetings with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the chair of the powerful House intelligence committee said on Saturday. ...

US will not open door to Saudi Arabia building nuclear weapons, top official says

The Trump administration wants to sell its nuclear energy technology to cash-rich Saudi Arabia.

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Trump’s Attempt to Circumvent Congress Leaves Uneasy Senate Republicans With Hard Choice

It remains to be seen whether Senate Republicans will act collectively to try to stop the president or how far into uncharted territory they are ...

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‘Finish that wall’: Trump seeks to turn his failure to build the wall into campaign rallying cry

President Trump and his political team plan to make his years long quest for a border wall one of the primary thrusts of his reelection effort.

The world has changed. We are living the new world order

President Donald Trump, the most powerful man in the world, holds the keys for how turbulent the next few years will be.

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White House Memo: The War That Wasn’t: Trump Claims Obama Was Ready to Strike North Korea

President Trump has been telling audiences that President Barack Obama had been on the verge of war, a situation that Mr. Obama’s former aides say is ...

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Angela Merkel Rejected President Trump’s Claims That German Cars Are a Security Threat

“Look, we’re proud of our cars,” Merkel said

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Pence hails 'remarkable, extraordinary' Trump tenure in attack on US allies

Vice-president tells European and Asian allies they should follow the US in quitting the Iran deal and recognizing Juan GuaidoMike Pence rebuked European powers over Iran and Venezuela on Saturday, in a renewed attack on traditional US allies, rejecting a call by Germany’s chancellor to include Russia in global cooperation efforts. Related: ...

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Mike Pence rebukes European powers over Iran and Venezuela - video

US vice-president rebuked European powers over Iran and Venezuela on Saturday, in a renewed attack on traditional US allies, rejecting a call by Germany’s chancellor to include Russia in global cooperation efforts. Describing the results of Donald ...

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