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Driverless Cars Offer New Forms Of Control – No Wonder Governments Are Keen

Imagine a state-of-the-art driverless car is zipping along a road with a disabled 90-year-old-passenger. A young mother with a toddler steps into the road. The car must make a decision: drive into the mother and child and kill them, or career into a wall and kill the passenger.

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Mom bathes toddler in bleach to keep alive...

Mom bathes toddler in bleach to keep alive... (Second column, 23rd story, link) Advertise here

In the immigration debate, one picture powers thousands of tweets - CNET

A photo of a crying toddler went viral on social media and helped put a face on a controversial story. It’s not the first time.

New species of extinct gibbon found in tomb of Chinese emperor's grandmother

Scientists have discovered a new extinct species of gibbon. The ape's skull was discovered inside the tomb of the grandmother of an ancient Chinese ...

USA Today /
Mom bathes 1-year-old son with rare skin disorder in bleach to keep him alive

A mom from Washington state bathes her 1-year-old son with harlequin ichthyosis in bleach twice a week, because she wants him to defy the odds. ...

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Watch: Crying Toddler Slapped During Baptism By Short-Tempered Priest

A video emerged online on social media Wednesday showing a French-speaking priest slapping a crying toddler during a baptism. The date and exact ...

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