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USA Today /
A basket of sloths, a sword in the lake, a teddy bear doctor and more 'Friyay' goodness

Need a time out from — well, everything? These stories and videos from this week are guaranteed to keep you distracted from what's going on with Brett Kavanaugh and everything else in the news this week.        

The Wall Street Journal /
Watch Your Kids, Not Your Phone

They’ll never grow up again, so don’t let yourself be distracted.

NY Times /
Wheels: 2-Second Rule for Distracted Driving Can Mean Life or Death

While people will always find a way to distract themselves, the industry is dreaming up new ways to keep drivers’ eyes on the road.

'Distracted boyfriend' meme is sexist, says Swedish ad watchdog

It's been used to dissect trends in popular culture, wade into political disputes and comment on the fickle nature of human relationships, but the ...

NY Times /
The Distracted Boyfriend Who Took Over the Internet Is Deemed Sexist in Sweden

Sweden’s advertising ombudsman ruled that a job advertisement using the “distracted boyfriend” meme discriminated against women.

Fox News /
If you feel distracted in prayer, don’t worry – it’s a good thing!

So many times the same frustrating thing happens when I try to pray. “Heavenly Father,“ I say, but almost immediately I get interrupted by my own thoughts.

Washinton Post /
FEMA chief considered quitting as feud with Homeland Security secretary boiled over

The clash between Brock Long and Kirstjen Nielsen has distracted from what’s seen thus far as a successful federal response to Hurricane Florence.

The Wall Street Journal /
Ordering Coffee Through Your Car? New Apps Turn Cars Into Smartphones, Raising Safety Questions

Car makers seeking new revenue streams are offering drivers the ability to preorder coffee or make restaurant reservations on the move, raising safety concerns at a time when distracted driving is already at elevated levels.

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