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Comey gives stark assessment of Trump: He obstructed justice

The former FBI director said that in their first security briefing, the president was "distracted" by the revelation that his national security adviser had lied to the vice president.

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Don't get distracted by Barr nomination. Whitaker is still a big problem at Justice.

I left Justice because it was under attack. I'll be concerned about its independence and mission as long as Matthew Whitaker is acting attorney general.        

The Wall Street Journal /
Distractions From Near and Far Colored the Group of 20 Talks

A weekend summit of the Group of 20 nations papered over global disagreements on trade, climate and human rights, as President Trump and other ...

Top Supreme Court lawyer: Whitaker appointment as acting AG has created a 'constitutional crisis'

Whitaker's appointment "is a constitutional crisis even if we are distracted from and dulled to it," Tom Goldstein, the co-founder of ...

The Guardian /
Don’t be scared to challenge antisocial phone users – they’re people too | Kay Holmes

Sometimes they don’t realise they’re making a racket. A gentle reminder is much more human than angrily putting up with itFor years I’ve fumed ...

NY Times /
Travel Tips: Five Things to Bring on Every Long Flight

Keep yourself sane, snug, and distracted while you fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

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‘Tetris Effect’ is therapy for distracted, anxious minds

Can a video game be more than just a game? Can it train you to focus? To disassociate yourself from traumatic memories and heal your mind? Can it transcend your personal experience and bridge a geopolitical divide? These aren't just ridiculous claims...

The Wall Street Journal /
3 Books That Teach You How to Concentrate in a Digital Age

Distracted by your phone? Lost in a sea of tweets? These reads explore the way that electronic distractions are alienating humans—and help you ...

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Report: Opioid crisis costing Massachusetts $2.5B a year

The opioid crisis is costing Massachusetts $2.5 billion a year in lost productivity from employees who aren't showing up for work because of their ...

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