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State of the disunion: why Democrats must not give in to Trump’s hateful speech | Robert Reich

Pelosi’s party must not be distracted by the president – or corporate voices on their side. Inequality is pulling the US apartDonald Trump says his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening will be about “unification”. But Trump discussing the state of the union is like pyromaniac discussing lighter fluids. His goal is, and has always been, ...

If you're investing in big tech, 'don't be distracted by short-term problems,' says Cramer

Jim Cramer tells investors to focus on the long term when it comes to stock market stalwarts like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

Super Bowl Monday absenteeism to cost companies billions

A record number of US adults are expected to be distracted or skip work altogether Monday, costing employers billions

People still love distracted driving, new IIHS study finds - Roadshow

Despite the obvious dangers, cell phone use while driving is still on the rise.

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