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Charles Koch Is Known for Conservative Advocacy. A New Report Highlights His Charitable Giving

Charles Koch is known for his activism on conservative and libertarian causes, but a new report reveals that he’s also given more than $1 billion to civic and philanthropic groups. Forbes magazine got that number after tallying lifetime donations for the first time as part of its annual list of the world’s richest individuals, ...

Washinton Post /
From Collusion to Cohen, Tallying Trump’s Legal Risks

The legal inquiries into U.S. President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign started with Russia but have moved much closer to home. While Trump insists no evidence will ever emerge of his campaign colluding in Russia’s high-tech interference with the election, Trump’s opponents say some compelling clues are already out in the open, and alleged ...

NY Times /
Tallying the Dead: Why a Storm Death in One State Might Not Count in Another

Inconsistencies in classifying deaths have made it difficult to compare the magnitude of different disasters.

Retiring NHL forward Scott Hartnell leaving 'best job' after 17 seasons

Longtime NHL forward Scott Hartnell announced his retirement Monday after 17 seasons. The ...

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