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The Guardian /
The only thing worse than Trump's attack on a journalist is its timing | Ross Barkan

Trump has called the press the ‘enemy of the people’, but mocking the assault of a journalist after Khashoggi’s disappearance is dangerous new territoryThe danger of Donald Trump has always been his ability to blizzard your brain with indignities and insanities. There are too many controversies to recall, too many outrages, and like any good ...

Now come the insurance headaches for hurricane victims — a cautionary tale wherever you live

Victims of hurricanes Michael and Florence are about to learn whether they picked the right insurance companies. Not all insurers are equal, ...

The Guardian /
UK joins chorus of disapproval after Trump praises assault on Guardian reporter

Trump lauded ‘tough cookie’ Greg Gianforte at Montana rallyUK PM: violence against reporters ‘completely unacceptable’Support the Guardian’s ...

Ex-USA Gymnastics president reportedly sought 'cover' from FBI during Nassar sexual assault probe

Steve Penny was arrested this week on allegations he tampered with investigation evidence

The Guardian /
'He's my guy': Donald Trump praises Gianforte for assault on Guardian reporter

President’s comments at Montana rally in praise of violence against US journalist come amid international outcry over KhashoggiSupport the Guardian’s ...

The Guardian /
Friday US briefing: Trump shifts tone as Khashoggi search widens

President praises congressman for assault on Guardian reporter ... Votes of vulnerable groups suppressed ... US Catholics in crisis over abuse scandalsGood morning, I’m Tim Walker with today’s headlines. If you’d like to receive this briefing by ...

Washinton Post /
Rhetorical guidelines for comparisons to Trump’s celebration of the assault on a reporter

A lot of people would like to compare Trump's comments to other scenarios. Here is a checklist to determine whether those comparisons are apt.

Boy falsely accused of sexual assault by woman says he's struggling to move on

He's been been consumed with fear since a woman falsely accused him of sexual assault.

NY Times /
Proud Boys Member Is Arrested After Brawl, Police Say

Geoffrey Young, 38, of New City, N.Y., was charged with rioting and attempted assault in connection with a fight outside the Metropolitan Republican ...

The Guardian /
Laughter as Trump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalist – video report

The US president draws laughter at a Montana rally with advice to 'never wrestle' local Congressman Gianforte, who in 2017 assaulted a  Guardian ...

NY Times /
California Couple Face New Charges in Rape Case

Prosecutors had said they believed there were more victims when they charged a couple last month with drugging and sexually assaulting two women. This week, prosecutors announced additional charges.

Reuters /
After ad gaffe, North Dakota's Heitkamp apologizes in Senate debate

North Dakota Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, facing a tough re-election fight, opened her debate on Thursday with Republican challenger Kevin Cramer by apologizing for a recent ad that named sex assault survivors without their consent.

E! Online /
Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Alleged Assault Call

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was hospitalized over the weekend after police responded to an incident at her and husband David Eason's North Carolina home, reports say. The chief of...

The Guardian /
Wealthy Los Angeles grapples with outbreak of typhus among its poorest

Concern focuses on homeless population as 64 cases reported a year after hepatitis A infected hundredsLos Angeles officials have pledged hundreds of ...

The Guardian /
Trump is crude over Saudi Arabia, but he’s simply continuing US policy | Gary Younge

US presidents have been appeasing brutal dictatorships for years. Trump merely does it with appalling and brazen clarityIn 1989 five teenagers – four ...

VoA /
In Toothy Prequel, Piranha-Like Fish Menaced Jurassic Seas

You can call it a prehistoric prequel. Scientists said on Thursday they have unearthed in southern Germany the fossil of a fish that, with its mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, strongly resembled today’s piranhas, the stars of more than their fair share of Hollywood horror films. But this one lived during the Jurassic Period 152 million years ...

This Jurassic flesh-eating fish is the stuff of nightmares

A new fossil discovery looks more like an incredibly well-preserved 150 million-year-old Jurassic crime scene. This species of flesh-eating fish is considered the earliest known to do so. And in the same limestone deposits from South Germany, researchers found its victims, with damaged bodies and fins.

Another gymnastics official faces charge in Nassar fallout

The Texas indictment of former USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny for allegedly tampering with evidence is the latest fallout from the sexual assault investigation of now-imprisoned gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar

Hidden cameras capture two abuse victims confronting Catholic priest

A former Catholic priest pleaded guility to sexual abuse charges involving two boys. David Poulson faces up to 14 years in prison for incidents that ...

The Guardian /
'Resistance zone': the neighborhood where people train to confront Ice

In Philadelphia, immigrant rights group Juntos deemed part of the city a ‘zone’ where community members learn what they should do if Ice comes ...

USA Today /
Two 'Love & Hip Hop' stars arrested in separate Atlanta incidents

Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, known as Tommie Lee, was arrested Tuesday on assault and child cruelty charges. Citing a Smyrna police ...

USA Today /
Former Bravo TV reality contestant, girlfriend plead not guilty to rape, drugging charges

A former Bravo TV reality contestant and his girlfriend pleaded not guilty on Wednesday in a California court to additional charges ...

Indonesia drops disinfectant on disaster-ravaged neighbourhoods

Helicopters are dropping disinfectant on neighbourhoods in the earthquake- and tsunami-stricken city of Palu to reduce disease risks from the thousands of victims believed buried in obliterated communities, Indonesia's disaster agency said Thursday.

Ex-USA Gymnastics head indicted for evidence tampering in Nassar case

Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny was arrested Wednesday after a Texas grand jury indicted him, alleging he tampered with evidence in the sexual assault investigation of now-imprisoned gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

Victims confront the priest they say abused them

Shaun Dougherty and Brian Sabo say their former teacher molested them in Catholic grade school. They decided they wanted to confront him, and asked CBS News to record their meeting. CBS News' Nikki Battiste reports.

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