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Colorado voters will get a second chance next month to abolish slavery

Colorado voters may approve an amendment to their state's Constitution that would abolish all forms of slavery. A similar amendment was narrowly defeated two years ago.

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Suspicious Letter Sent to Sen. Susan Collins’ Home

Critics have vowed Collins will face a tough re-election race in 2020 for voting to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

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Packing the Supreme Court Is a Terrible Idea

Democrats paid a political cost for decades after F.D.R. tried it in the 1930s. They probably would again.

Sen. Ben Sasse defends 'yes' vote on Kavanaugh on The View

Sen. Ben Sasse in his appearance on ABC's The View defended his "yes" vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Hungary's constitution makes street homelessness a crime

Hungary's constitution now says sleeping on the streets is a crime.

WATCH: Meet the Supreme Court justices

Meet all of the sitting Supreme Court justices ahead of the new term.

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A look back at the ‘supreme hostess’ of the American gilded age

Therese Anne Fowler’s “A Well-Behaved Woman” takes a gimlet-eyed view of high-society life.

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U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs companies over lead paint liability

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by three paint manufacturers challenging a California court ruling that held them liable for millions of dollars in damages relating to the use of lead paint decades ago.

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Supreme Court and Andrew Brunson return show God sent Trump 'for such a time as this'

Many evangelicals view Trump like Esther, an unlikely hero sent to usher in a new American era of support for traditional Judeo-Christian principles.        

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The Cybersecurity 202: The U.S. needs a law that requires companies to disclose data breaches quickly, cybersecurity experts say

We asked The Network, a group of 100 cybersecurity experts who participate in our informal survey.

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The U.S. needs a law that requires companies to disclose data breaches quickly

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation requires companies with customers in the E.U. to notify regulators of a breach within 72 hours or face a ...

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Does Kanye West deserve to be called an Uncle Tom? | Nadifa Mohamed

He says slavery was ‘a choice’. Yet he’s just the latest in a long line of minorities who have stood against their communityLast week rapper Kanye West met President Trump at the White House in what must be one of the most bizarre meetings in Oval ...

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Mob rule? Forget it. The First Amendment is not a license to protest anywhere, anytime.

Free speech and the right to protest are limited by the Constitution and the kind of society we want. Calling out mobs is the right thing to do.         

With U.S. midterms mere weeks away, blowback from Kavanaugh hearings could slow Democrats' 'blue wave'

The U.S. midterm elections are only weeks away, and political prognosticators think the controversial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court could have a negative impact on the Democrats.

Races to watch in U.S. midterms: 'Kavanaugh effect' could hold off 'blue wave'

The U.S. midterm elections are only weeks away, and political prognosticators think the controversial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court could have a negative impact on the ...

Trump says he thinks he treated Christine Blasey Ford with respect

Trump tells "60 Minutes" if he hadn't made a speech in Mississippi in which he imitated Ford, his Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, wouldn't have ...

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Trump says he is 'comfortable' as president despite political battles

President Donald Trump said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that he was "comfortable" in the White House after almost two years in office, ...

As Broncos lose by 3, Emmanuel Sanders calls league 'soft' after taunt derails TD drive

DENVER -- Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders saw one finger -- his index finger to be exact -- cost the Broncos a potential four points Sunday in a 23-20 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Sanders said his first-quarter taunting penalty "cost my team," but he added it was also a sign the ...

Sanders calls league 'soft' after taunting call

"I'm having fun. I didn't do anything crazy," Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders said after a taunting penalty affected a potential TD-scoring drive in Sunday's loss to the Rams.

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Brooklyn Witches Plan to Put a Hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

They've hexed President Donald Trump three times

What's next for #MeToo after Kavanaugh's confirmation

Activists and survivors say they intend to channel their anger over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation as a Supreme Court justice into political and ...

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Who's Attacking Political Norms Now?

Democrats target the ‘legitimacy’ of the Supreme Court.

Israel freezes deportation of U.S. student Lara Alqasem

Israel's Supreme Court froze the deportation of a U.S. student who was denied entry into the country due to her alleged connection to a Palestinian ...

Alabama's Raekwon Davis apologizes for throwing punches during game

Alabama junior defensive lineman  Raekwon Davis apologized Saturday night after throwing a series of punches at a ...

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Israel’s Supreme Court halts deportation of American student

Israel’s Supreme Court on Sunday agreed to hear the appeal of an American graduate student who is fighting an expulsion order over her involvement in the boycott movement against Israel

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Don’t trust Donald Trump, Republicans on health care: Readers sound off

From Trump's plan on health care to the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, our readers sound off on recent headlines.        

Fatal police shootings 40% more likely in states with higher gun ownership

The U.S. Constitution’s second amendment gives us the “right to bear arms,” but what if having a gun for protection is actually putting you more at risk of harm? A new study finds that a person’s chances of being involved in ...

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