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NY Times /
Charge of Treason Escalates Tensions in Close Arizona Senate Race

Martha McSally drew national attention this week when she accused her Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, of treason.

Politico /
Senate GOP confident they will increase their majority in November

But there are still more than two weeks until Election Day.

The Guardian /
Democrats wary of 'luxury of hope' in Wisconsin's divided bellwether

There are two Racines: a richer, whiter county and a poorer, more diverse city. Which will weigh heavier at the ballot box in crucial midterm ...

Cash blitz could boost Democrats' House chances, but their hopes of taking the Senate remain slim

Prognosticators believe Republicans have a strong grasp on the Senate even as massive fundraising numbers help Democrats in their bid to take the ...

Candidates in crucial North Dakota Senate race spar over supporting Trump

Heitkamp and Cramer are locked in an important midterm race.

Beto O'Rourke takes questions at CNN town hall

CNN is hosting a town hall with Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who is running for US Senate in Texas against Sen. Ted Cruz. Follow here for the latest.

Hurricane Michael forces Florida to ease voting rules in hard-hit counties

State officials in Florida are scrambling to ease voting rules in the counties hardest hit by Hurricane Michael amid the closely watched races for US Senate and Florida governor to be decided on November 6.

Reuters /
After ad gaffe, North Dakota's Heitkamp apologizes in Senate debate

North Dakota Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, facing a tough re-election fight, opened her debate on Thursday with Republican challenger Kevin ...

US Senate committee invites Hyundai, Kia to talk about engine fire reports - Roadshow

The Senate Commerce Committee plans to meet Nov. 14 to discuss this matter.

VoA /
Women-to-Women Business Fund Comes to Britain

A women-to-women investment fund is coming to Britain next month to boost financing for female-owned businesses, its founder said Thursday, as efforts grow to close the gender investing gap. SheEO has lent more than $2 million to 32 female social ...

In key Senate race, popularity squares off against party loyalty after Kavanaugh fight

Tennessee Democrats have the right kind of candidate in Phil Bredesen, but will that be enough to overcome the nation's partisan divide?

USA Today /
Democrat Beto O'Rourke has spent more on Facebook ads than President Donald Trump

Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke has spent more money on Facebook ads than Donald Trump. Others who want to beat Trump in 2020 are also mining Facebook users.        

Washinton Post /
Trump says ‘all Republicans’ back protections for preexisting conditions, despite repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare

The president’s message appeared to conflict with his own administration’s actions on health care, as well as with a pledge by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to try again to repeal the law.

Missouri Senate race intensifies over sting videos

Claire McCaskill's campaign calls on rival Josh Hawley to investigate Project Veritas sting against her campaign

The pressure is on for Senate to pass a massive Asia-Pacific trade deal quickly

The push is on for Parliament to quickly ratify the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific ...

Fox News /
Elizabeth Warren to Fed: Wells Fargo CEO must go

Warren, who sits on the Senate Banking Committee, has long advocated for harsh disciplinary action against Wells Fargo.

Engadget /
The Senate is considering extending EV tax credits

As US senate majority leader Mitch McConnell debates making cuts to social security and medicare, Senator Dean Heller (R) of Nevada is hoping to keep electric car sales zipping forward with a new bill that would extend tax credits until 2022.

Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema: Hard to say I'm a 'proud' Democrat

Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema said Wednesday it's hard for her to say she's proud to be a Democrat and acknowledged that her television advertisements intentionally don't mention her party affiliation.

Politico /
POLITICO Playbook PM: Mnuchin cancels controversial Saudi trip

And the Senate Leadership Fund rakes in $37.6 million in September.

The real lesson of Beto O'Rourke's run

Can Beto's magical narrative attract young voters, Latinos and suburban women to his Senate race? The polls are dicey on it, writes James Moore, but ...

Bob Corker says the administration has "clamped down" on intelligence about Khashoggi case

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman says White House has "clamped down" on intelligence about Khashoggi, according to Washington Post

Tennessee Senate race: Bredesen and Blackburn deadlocked in new poll

The race to be the next senator from Tennessee is deadlocked.

Reuters /
Democratic victory in November would put Trump under microscope

If Democrats win control of the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate next month, nearly every aspect of Donald Trump's presidency could face swift examination – from his long-elusive tax returns to possible business ties with Russia and conflicts of interest, congressional sources say.

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