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The Guardian /
'Show me the scientists': Trump reiterates his climate change doubts – video

The US president has reaffirmed his doubts about climate change, claiming scientists are politically motivated. In an interview with the CBS programme 60 Minutes, Trump said he no longer believed climate change was a hoax but he thought its impacts would not be lasting'It'll change back': Trump says climate change not a hoax, but denies ...

Washinton Post /
The Energy 202: EPA tells air pollution scientists 'your service on the panel has concluded'

The agency is trying to limit how it reviews outside science.

5 science mistakes in movies and TV you should unlearn - CNET

Actual scientists tell us how their fields really work.

The science of Star Wars, Spider-Man, Avatar debunked by actual scientists - CNET

Spidey's mutation isn't so super in real life.

The Guardian /
'It'll change back': Trump says climate change not a hoax, but denies lasting impact

Climate scientists have political agendas, US president says in interview with 60 MinutesDonald Trump has reiterated his doubts about climate change, ...

The Guardian /
Political ads study finds the right favors Google, the left Facebook and Twitter

An analysis found Donald Trump had the largest number of ads while Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke was the largest spenderLeft-leaning organizations ...

VoA /
Changed Climate Blamed for Barracudas Settling in Colder Waters

Climate change is usually thought to bring hotter weather, but scientists say it can also make some places colder. Temperature changes mean some plants and animals struggle to survive, while others seek new territory. That may be the case for one ...

When scientists want their data fudged and why you should care

Statisticians play a vital role in ensuring that research findings are genuine and some have been repeatedly asked to alter data records or falsify the significance of results, a new study finds.

VoA /
How Wine Corks Help Fight Global Warming

Scientists say climate change is becoming more pressing with news of melting permafrost and rising sea levels. Scientists have been urging people around the globe to reduce emissions of climate warming carbon, but the Salk Institute in San Diego is taking a different approach. There, scientists are working on developing plants that would capture ...

VoA /
Life-Sized Plastic Whale to Raise Ocean Pollution Awareness

Artists are putting the finishing touches on an 82-foot-long (24-meter-long) blue whale made from discarded plastic that will be on display near San ...

NY Times /
Global Health: Tiny Nanoparticles to Treat a Huge Problem: Snakebites

Snakes kill or cripple 500,000 people a year, but antivenins are costly and rare in poor countries. Now scientists are testing injectable ...

Scientists in China breed healthy mice from two females

Researchers in China say they've bred healthy mice with two mothers using a new type of gene editing technology, a significant feat that may help researchers better understand mammalian reproduction but carries significant ethical and safety ...

NY Times /
Take a Number: Cats v. Rats? In New York, the Rats Win

At a recycling plant in Brooklyn, fat, stealthy rats were more than a match for feral cats, scientists found.

Stellar death reveals compact neutron star binary

For the first time, scientists observed the birth of a compact neutron star binary system.

Japan delays spacecraft landing on very rocky asteroid

Japan's space agency is delaying a spacecraft touchdown on an asteroid because scientists need more time to find a safe landing site on the extremely rocky surface

Fossil identified as tiniest marine lizard specimen

Scientists have identified the smallest Tylosaurus mosasaur specimen in the fossil record.

NY Times /
Readers Tell Scientists Who Say Dogs Aren’t Geniuses: ‘My Dog Is Exceptional’

Dog lovers challenged a study that found canines to be smart but not “exceptional” by citing their own pets.

Time /
Scientists See a Treatment for Vision Loss in Lab-Grown Retinas

Johns Hopkins researchers grew human retina cells in a dish

Scientists say they've created world's first engineered blue rose - CNET

Take time to stop and smell the blue roses.

Fox News /
China has created mice with two moms in ‘gene editing’ world-first

Chinese scientists have produced healthy mice from two mothers, using stem cells and gene editing to create offspring without the involvement of male mice.

'Ghost imaging' could make greenhouse gas analysis more precise

According to a new study, a novel imaging technique, called "ghost imaging," could help scientists more precisely measure atmospheric greenhouse ...

Fox News /
Here's what the search for life needs next, scientists say

A few decades ago, finding life beyond Earth was an idle dream — but today, astrobiology is a thriving field, fed by incredible discoveries across ...

Washinton Post /
Scientists grow tiny human retinas in a dish

Growing miniature human retinas from stem cells could help scientists understand how color vision develops and lead to therapies for vision loss.

USA Today /
Mysterious signals coming from deep space doubles in new discovery

Australian scientists just picked up a bunch more fast radio bursts from deep space, but we still don't know exactly what they ...

Scientists in China engineer baby mice from same-sex parents

Using a new genetic engineering method, scientists in China have birthed healthy baby mice using the DNA of two same-sex parents.

Engadget /
Scientists are spotting deep space radio wave bursts at faster rates

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are brief but incredibly intense flashes of radio waves that originate outside of our galaxy, and these milliseconds-long bursts of light are rather mysterious since we don't know what makes them or where exactly they come fr...

Japan prepares ‘Super City’ for artificial intelligence, self-driving cars

Japan has plans to build an experimental "Super City" where scientists can test out the latest artificial intelligence and put driverless cars on the road.

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