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J.R.R. Tolkien's family does not support upcoming biopic

The family of J.R.R. Tolkien has issued a statement against an upcoming film about the author of the popular "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "The Hobbit."

New IRA reportedly apologizes for killing journalist Lyra McKee

"The gunman showed no thought for who may have been killed or injured when he fired these shots," police said.

Seahawks trade Frank Clark to Chiefs, shaking up 2019 NFL Draft by adding No. 29 pick

Clark also reportedly lands a five-year extension worth nine figures as part of the move

Facebook’s Sri Lanka crisis page let Islamophobic post get top billing - CNET

The top video on the page came with a caption that read, “can we assume all Muslims are guilty.”

'Walnut' asteroid nearly a mile wide is flying by with a friend in May - CNET

The largest asteroid to come near our cosmic neighborhood this year has its own moon.

Marsquake! NASA InSight lander detects a shimmy on Mars - CNET

Shake it up. Mars' stomach is rumbling and InSight is there for it.

Marvel movies for three days straight: Follow my 59-hour MCU marathon here - CNET

Avengers: Endgame opens this week, so I'm getting in the mood by holing up in a theater and watching 22 Marvel films back-to-back. Keep up with the madness.

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Scarlett Johansson and Brie Larson Dish on Cringe-Worthy First Kisses

First kisses are sometimes worth forgetting. Such seems to be the case for Brie Larson, who apparently can't remember whether her first lip-lock took place on screen or behind the...

Teen hits Apple with $1B lawsuit over facial recognition arrest - CNET

The 18-year-old says he was wrongly accused of stealing from Apple stores.

All the smart home gadgets we expect from Google I/O (The 3:59, Ep. 548) - CNET

Plus, Apple's facial recognition snafu and Key by Amazon's expansion.

Supreme Court considers citizenship question on 2020 census

Conservative-leaning justices appeared to be open to siding with the Trump administration's goals of adding a question about a respondent's ...

Fortnite tie-in with Avengers: Endgame may let you wield Thor's ax, Cap's shield - CNET

Pop culture, assemble! The megateamup sees Fortnite players likely able to brandish the iconic weaponry of Marvel's mightiest heroes.

Google spinoff Wing lands FAA clearance for drone deliveries - CNET

Wing aims to launch a delivery trial in Virginia later this year.

Alien Stomper Reebok shoes look like Ripley's vacation kicks - CNET

Reebook celebrates Alien Day on April 26 with an old-school take on Sigourney Weaver's famous footwear.

Five things to consider before buying a juicer - CNET

Celery juice, here you come.

You can return Amazon purchases to any Kohl's store in the US soon - CNET

Amazon Returns at Kohl's is launching nationwide.

This 59-hour Marvel movie marathon might just break me - CNET

I'm all packed and ready to head into the theater for 22 films back to back. It's been nice knowing you all.

Galaxy Fold loss could be Mate X and foldable Motorola Razr's gain - CNET

Commentary: Foldable phones are taking a hit now, but more are coming.

Samsung reportedly asks for Galaxy Fold review units back over screen issues - CNET

Reviewers' time with the Galaxy Fold is apparently over until the final production units come in.

Arlo's smart video doorbell may be imminent - CNET

An ad with a likely photo of it appeared on a partner site.

Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show: A smart display showdown - CNET

Which flagship smart display is right for you?

Samsung's giant Galaxy View 2 tablet pops up in purported renders - CNET

Because you know you were longing for a 17.5-inch Android tablet

Verizon to offer YouTube TV to wireless and Fios customers - CNET

Pricing and availability haven't been announced yet.

Byte starts beta testing to fill the hole Vine left behind - CNET

Beta testers will soon know if Byte is worthy.

Watch: Godzilla is unleashed in final 'King of the Monsters' trailer

Godzilla is the only force capable of stopping a group of towering threats in the final trailer for upcoming action-thriller, "Godzilla: King of the Monsters."

In photos: Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson attend 'Avengers' premiere

The cast of "Avengers: Endgame" attends the premiere of the film in Los Angeles on April 22, 2019.

Broncos' Miller off the hook for shark catch

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller reportedly won't be prosecuted after an investigation in Florida over a shark catch on a fishing trip.

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