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WATCH: Accused Russian agent pleads guilty

Maria Butina, a Russian gun rights activist, pleaded guilty in a case that has focused on her alleged attempt to develop a covert influence operation in the United States.

US military's Aegis system intercepts test missile in Hawaii

The U.S. military's land-based Aegis missile defense testing system has intercepted an intermediate range ballistic missile near Hawaii

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Macron’s Proposal to Mollify Yellow Vest Protesters Fails to Impress

The economic problems of the working poor and middle classes will be largely unaffected by the plan of President Emmanuel Macron to raise the minimum ...

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Secret military bases inadvertently exposed by Russian satellite map company

Yandex Maps, Russia's answer to Google Maps, obscured the locations of 300 sites – some of them top secret nuclear facilities – in Israel and Turkey.

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'Does not fit any spy': What made accused Russian spy Maria Butina different

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina differed because she was public. Ex-FBI and CIA officials call it a bold tactic to influence the Trump White ...

Alleged Russian operative Maria Butina to plead guilty, help prosecutors

A plea agreement obtained by NBC News shows Butina will admit conspiring "to establish ... communication with Americans having power" for Russia's ...

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U.S. judge delays plea hearing for accused Russian agent Butina

A U.S. judge on Tuesday postponed a plea agreement hearing for accused Russian agent Maria Butina by one day, until Thursday.

Spacewalking astronauts check site of capsule leak

Spacewalking astronauts look for clues to a mysterious drilled hole in capsule at International Space Station

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Space station crew to inspect mysterious hole on spacewalk

MOSCOW (AP) — Two Russian cosmonauts were preparing to venture outside the International Space Station Tuesday to inspect a section where a ...

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Russian Cosmonauts Take Spacewalk to Check Site of Capsule Leak

Spacewalking astronauts ripped through thick insulation on a capsule docked to the International Space Station on Tuesday, looking for clues to a ...

Watch Russian cosmonauts spacewalk to check out hole in Soyuz capsule - CNET

The hole was the cause of a pressure leak over the summer.

Questions over report that shows Vladimir Putin on East German police ID

An old East German secret police identification bearing the name and image of Russian President Vladimir Putin turned up in a recent search of cold war-era documents.

Baby, It's Cold Outside singalong at Sask. Rush game fails to score with all fans

A promotion by the Saskatchewan Rush meant to get fans involved in a singalong of what has become a controversial Christmas favourite is being called silly and tasteless in some postings to social media.

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Russian nuclear-capable bomber aircraft fly to Venezuela, angering U.S.

Two Russian strategic bomber aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons have landed in ally Venezuela, a show of support for Venezuela's socialist government that has infuriated Washington.

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Critics label Putin a hypocrite for attending veteran dissident's wake

Kremlin critics accused President Vladimir Putin of hypocrisy for attending the wake on Tuesday of a veteran Soviet and Russian dissident who was a ...

SM-3 Block IIA makes successful intercept of ballistic missile

The U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency shot down an intermediate range ballistic missile from the Aegis Ashore anti-ballistic missile system in ...

Space station crew will inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts prepare to venture outside the International Space Station today to inspect a section where a mysterious leak was discovered.

Space station crew inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk

Spacewalking astronauts sliced through thick insulation on a capsule docked to the International Space Station on Tuesday, looking for clues to a mysterious drilled hole that leaked precious cabin air four months ago.

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The strangest of Postmates deliveries in 2018, from sending Chrissy Teigen 200 limes to saving Valentine's Day

Postmates has kept a tab on 2018's eyebrow raising orders including, but not limited to a spike in Russian food orders during Mueller's investigation.        

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Maria Butina: 'covert Russian agent' will plead guilty over effort to infiltrate NRA

Deal reached between US prosecutors and Butina, who is accused of attempting to influence gun lobby on behalf of the KremlinAccused Russian agent ...

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Maria Butina, Russian Accused of Trying to Influence Conservatives, Will Plead Guilty

The plea deal closes a case that drew headlines with accusations that Maria Butina used sex as spycraft as she tried to influence prominent ...

US forces respond to Russia's military moves

The US military is deploying planes and warships in an effort to send signals to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military that a red line ...

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Study Links 2017 Disasters to Climate Change 

Drought in the United States and East Africa. Floods in Peru and Bangladesh. Heatwaves in Europe and China. Even unusual cloudiness in ...

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Alleged Russian Agent Butina Expected to Plead Guilty

Maria Butina is now expected to plead guilty, her lawyers and prosecutors signaled in a court filing, after the gun-rights activist spent months in U.S. custody on charges of improperly pursuing Moscow’s interest in Washington.

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US Diplomat: Russia Gas Pipeline to Boost Grip on Ukraine, Europe

Russia is seeking to boost its power in Europe and grip over Ukraine with the proposed Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, the top U.S. energy diplomat said on Monday, in a step-up of Washington's rhetoric against the pipeline. "Through Nord Stream 2, Russia seeks to increase its leverage of the West while severing Ukraine from Europe," Francis ...

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Apollo 8 Astronauts Reflect on Historic Moon Voyage 50 Years Later

"I’m still trying to figure out who took that picture"

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