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POLITICO Playbook PM: Trump sends Pompeo to meet with Saudi king

And the House Intelligence Committee is drawing increased interest from lawmakers of both parties.

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Turkey and Saudi Arabia to Conduct a Joint ‘Inspection’ of the Consulate Where Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Went Missing

American lawmakers have threatened tough punitive action against the Saudis

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Attack Ads Against Some Democrats Try to Portray Them as Terrorists

The Congressional Leadership Fund associated with House Republicans and others are airing ads portraying Democratic challengers as security threats.

Trump said he would give $1M to charity if Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test. She wants him to pay up

Warren, who has said that she would "take a hard look" at a 2020 run after the midterms, is building a national political operation and has ...

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The Great American Health Care Panic

In Pennsylvania’s iconic Philadelphia suburb, there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on: The country’s health care system is broken and ...

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Lawmakers clamor for piece of Trump action on House Intel

But Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders are urging restraint, saying the once-sober panel has been dangerously politicized.

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Alec Baldwin urges 'overthrow' of Trump and Republicans with voting

Alec Baldwin followed up his latest portrayal of President Trump with a call for voters to use the midterms to peacefully "overthrow" the government.        

Group led by Steve Bannon spending $3 million on digital ads ahead of midterms

Bannon using his "Trump at War" documentary film to galvanize republicans

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Republicans join far-right figures at Montana anti-government event

State politicians and Oregon occupation leader Ammon Bundy address gathering against federal land managementAt a conference in Whitefish, Montana, on Saturday Ammon Bundy, a leader of a group which occupied federal land in 2016, shared a stage with Republican politicians, campaigners against Indian treaty rights and other rightwing groups. ...

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North Korea leader sincere, must be rewarded for move to abandon nuclear weapons: South Korean president

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is sincere and really means to abandon nuclear weapons, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told a French newspaper, ...

Republicans warn: There's a 'big fight' brewing over Trump's border wall

Even with the midterm elections looming, Republican leaders in Congress made clear this week they're paying close attention to a looming battle over ...

Republicans didn't run a single TV ad in 16 key races during first week in October

A CNN analysis of data from the first eight days of October shows 16 contests considered competitive in CNN's Key Race Ratings where Republicans did not run a single television ad, either because they were no longer actively contesting the race or ...

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Trust Democrats or Republicans on health care? Look at the record and what lies ahead

Only 14 Republicans running this year have not voted to kill Obamacare. Remember that when Trump and the GOP tell you to fear Democrats on health care.         

Health care disappears from some campaign ads

From 2010 to 2014, Republicans ran more than 10 times the number of anti-ACA ads as Democrats. This year the script is flipped.

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Don’t trust Donald Trump, Republicans on health care: Readers sound off

From Trump's plan on health care to the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, our readers sound off on recent headlines.        

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How Red and Green Slime (Really) Could Swing Florida’s Senate Race

If Rick Scott knocks Bill Nelson out of the U.S. Senate, the Republicans probably hold the chamber. But there’s trouble in the water—literally.

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‘We’re back to frontier days’: Michael’s aftermath in Florida

Cut off, without water or power, many rural Floridians are unwilling 21st-century pioneers.

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Trump critic Mitt Romney denies leading 'Never Trump' Republicans

As he runs for Senate in Utah, Romney’s comments jar with his harsh rebukes of Trump during 2016 campaignMitt Romney on Friday told reporters he has not been a leader of the “Never Trump” movement among Republicans, a statement that contradicted strongly critical remarks made on the 2016 campaign trail and in the years since. Related: 'He'll be ...

'I am running with these labels': How 3 black candidates are running post-Obama

When Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black Florida high school student, was shot to death by a neighborhood watchman, African-Americans -- voters, bloggers, columnists, lawmakers, activists and academics -- wanted to hear from the nation's first black president.

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Crackdowns on potential voter fraud fuel worries about ballot access in November

Voting rights advocates said Republicans are seizing on sporadic voting problems in an effort to disenfranchise voters of color.

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GOP claims of voter fraud threat fuel worries about ballot access in November

Voting rights advocates said Republicans are seizing on sporadic voting problems in an effort to disenfranchise voters of color.

Trump vows 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia killed missing journalist

Mounting evidence that the Saudis were involved has fueled a growing outcry from foreign governments, U.S. lawmakers and the Trump administration.

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Republicans' new strategy ahead of midterms: call the left an 'angry mob'

Trump got things rolling: ‘Don’t give power to an angry leftwing mob’. Other Republicans and the conservative media have gleefully joined in the mob ...

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‘Back to frontier days’: Hurricane Michael turns many rural Floridians into unwilling 21st-century pioneers

The storm delivered misery to one of the poorest regions of Florida, where a large percentage of people live in mobile homes and other vulnerable structures, and where many of the homes have no insurance.

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It's time to abandon the cruelty of meritocracy | Steven Pearlstein

Because of heritability and upbringing, there can never be genuine equality of opportunity No moral intuition is more hard-wired into Americans’ conception of their country as a just society than equality of opportunity. While some may be rich and others poor, we are willing to accept the market’s judgment about the distribution of income because ...

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Stark political divide points to a split decision in midterm elections

Analysts envision big gains for Democrats in the House based on suburban energy while Republicans should add seats in Senate races, a verdict unseen since 1970.

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