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'Fighting With My Family' takes on the f-word (no, not that one) in WWE

"Fighting With My Family," a pro wrestling story about WWE star Paige produced by Dwayne Johnson, tells a heartfelt story that's the opposite of fake.        

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Facebook slammed as 'digital gangsters' in UK fake news report

Facebook knowingly broke privacy and competition laws and behaved like "digital gangsters," according to a scathing new report on fake news and misinformation. 

Facebook, social media companies branded 'digital gangsters' by UK committee - CNET

A Parliament report on fake news condemns Mark Zuckerberg's "contempt" toward the UK and other countries around the world.

Twitter, Snap CEOs to be invited to international "fake news" hearing

They're on a list that includes a dozen of the world's most powerful tech leaders, including Apple's Tim Cook, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook Voids Accounts Targeting Moldovan Election

Facebook said on Thursday it had disrupted an attempt to influence voters in Moldova, increasing concerns that EU elections in May could be prey to ...

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Creepy AI generates endless fake faces

Fake news may soon be supplanted by AI-generated fake visuals, which probably isn't good for digital literacy. 

'Making this up:' Study says oilsands assessments marred by weak science

Dozens of oilsands environmental impact studies are marred by inconsistent science that's rarely subjected to independent checks, says a university study.

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Brexit Means Facebook Can Breathe Easy in Britain

The best way to tackle fake news and privacy problems is for regulators to assess programmatic ads. The CMA will struggle to play its part.

DC's many prankster activists turn anger into street theater

From fake street signs to Robert Mueller-themed ice cream trucks, activists in the nation's capital have honed a particular brand of performative prankster-style protest

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'Digital Gangsters': UK Wants Tougher Rules for Facebook

British lawmakers issued a scathing report Monday that calls for tougher rules on Facebook to keep it from acting like "digital gangsters" and ...

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Researchers blame YouTube for the rise in Flat Earthers

Despite steps taken to counteract problematic material YouTube is still a hotbed of hoaxes and fake news -- a problem that's become so ...

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Facebook says it is 'open to meaningful regulation'

Facebook is "open to meaningful regulation", it said on Monday after British lawmakers said that big technology companies should be subject to a compulsory code of ethics to tackle the spread of fake news and abuse of users' data.

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UK lawmakers slam Facebook, recommend stiffer regulation

The report on fake news and disinformation on social media sites followed an 18-month investigation.        

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States Flout Abortion Coverage Requirements, Federal Investigators Say

One state, South Dakota, has for 25 years failed to provide the required coverage for abortion in cases of rape or incest, a government report says.

Investors say 'fake' experts on local radio shows conned them out of millions

Dozens of Ontario investors say they were conned out of millions of dollars after fraudsters using fake names were featured as investment "experts" on their favourite radio stations — on shows ...

'Fake' experts on radio shows conned listeners out of millions, victims say

Dozens of Ontario investors say they were conned out of millions of dollars after fraudsters using ...

Reuters /
Facebook needs independent ethical oversight: UK lawmakers

Facebook and other big tech companies should be subject to a compulsory code of ethics to tackle the spread of fake news, the abuse of users' data ...

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Emails show how fake university set up by ICE lured foreign students

Emails obtained by the Detroit Free Press offer a glimpse into how a fake university in Detroit may have convinced students it was real.        

Oversold flights, the safety of breast implants and self-checkouts: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need from the week, including our investigation into the latest method of choice for hackers, reusable packaging alternatives coming to Canada, and the CFIA's hunt for fake olive oil.

Immunotherapies could change kidney cancer care, studies suggest

Two studies showed that renal cell cancer patients had significantly better outcomes when their treatment combined the targeted therapy drug ...

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Lawyer invents fake DUI trial to propose to attorney girlfriend

A crafty prosecutor spent five months planning an elaborate fake trial - to pop the question to his attorney girlfriend.

Howard Schultz must sell his Starbucks shares if he runs for president

Policy issues that affect Starbucks affect Howard Schultz's wealth, and most policy issues will affect Starbucks. If Schultz volunteers to serve this ...

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Website uses AI to create infinite fake faces

You might already know that AI can put real faces in implausible scenarios, but it's now clear that it can create faces that otherwise ...

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Trump Sings Praises of Hannity and Limbaugh in Rose Garden

The president spoke less glowingly of his onetime supporter Ann Coulter and revived his “fake news” mantra in a reply to Jim Acosta of CNN.

Dave Chappelle hand-delivers tickets to couple who were scammed on Craigslist

A North Carolina couple thought they were buying wheelchair-accessible tickets to Dave Chappelle's show – but they ended up being fake. Then, Chappelle surprised them by hand-delivering real ones.

Dave Chappelle surprises couple with tickets

The wife bought wheelchair-accessible tickets only to realize they were fake – and Chappelle wanted to help

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