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Smithsonian spices up museum experience with Pepper

Humanlike robots at the museums chat with visitors, pose for selfies and even dance.

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Researchers Find Bright Sides to Some Invasive Species

Off the shores of Newfoundland, Canada, an ecosystem is unraveling at the hands (or pincers) of an invasive crab. Some 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) to the south, the same invasive crab — the European green crab — is helping New England marshes rebuild. Both cases are featured in a new study that shows how the impacts of these alien invaders ...

Beatles' Sgt. Pepper named top album of all time in UK

The Beatles' psychedelic masterwork Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has been named the most ...

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Getting better: Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ named top album in UK

Beatles classic ‘Sgt. Pepper’ most popular British album

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Teenagers Were Moved Off Rikers for Safety. Their Brawls Came, Too.

Twenty correction officers were hurt on Wednesday during a fight between rival gang members who were moved from Rikers Island to Horizon Juvenile Center.

The best sailing photographs of 2018

Yachts slicing through water are difficult to capture in a single image. There is the speed, the dynamism, the turns, the spray, the reflections and ever-changing lighting.

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Seasonal 'Plague' Hits College Freshman

Sometimes, all the hand sanitizer in the world cannot prevent the inevitable. College freshmen across the country are being introduced to a whole ...

Outrage over video showing officer kicking boy

The video appeared to show a police pepper spraying and kicking a boy in the back.

WATCH: Worker allegedly opens fire at Wisconsin software company

Four people were shot in the rampage, police said, after a gunman unleashed a spray of bullets near his office cubicle.

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Cody Wilson, man behind controversial 3-D printed gun, accused of sex assault

Cody Wilson, the Texas man behind the controversial 3-D printed gun, is accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile female, according to a police affidavit obtained by Fox News.

Cody Wilson, 3D-printed gun pioneer, accused of sexually assaulting juvenile

An affidavit accuses Cody Wilson, the owner of a Texas company that makes untraceable 3D-printed guns, of paying $500 US cash to have sex with a female under 17.

Possible bear spray used during fight at St. John's high school, sending students to hospital

Some sort of aerosol — possibly bear spray — was deployed this morning at Prince of Wales ...

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Lawsuits filed over St. Louis police 'kettling' practice

More than a dozen people arrested in a police "kettle" during a 2017 protest in St. Louis are suing the city, police officers and their supervisors, ...

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West Virginia man allegedly huffed paint, beat mother with spatula

A man in West Virginia was arrested Friday for allegedly huffing spray paint and then beating his mother with a spatula, according to local news reports.

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Meet Captain South Africa; She’d Rather not Punch Criminals

The usual suspects — Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Darth Vader — roamed at Comic Con Africa. A few African characters were also on display: Kwezi, Captain South Africa and Shaka Zulu. The success of Marvel’s “Black Panther” film spiked interest in African stories, and creators on the continent hope to capitalize with more comic book characters of ...

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