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Fox News /
Hungry rat found dead after eating its way through an ATM

It turns out that pizza isn’t the only food rats have a craving for.

Drudge Report /
Rats break into ATM, munch through $18,000 in cash...

Rats break into ATM, munch through $18,000 in cash... (Third column, 17th story, link) Advertise here

A Toppers Pizza ad features a Domino's truck, and Domino's threatens to sue

Domino's sent Toppers a cease-and-desist letter after it learned Toppers plans to run ads using its logo.

NY Times /
A Second Quadrille Set to Start the Joyce Theater Season

The 2018-19 season features the return of “NY Quadrille,” Twyla Tharp’s “Minimalism and Me” and a dance play starring James Whiteside.

VoA /
Study: Leptospirosis Spread by Cattle, Not Just Rats

Fever, chills, and muscle pain aren’t the symptoms just of malaria. They could be signs of leptospirosis, which infects millions of people each year ...

IB Times /
NY Jets Wide Receiver Robby Anderson Gets Probation For Reckless Driving

New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson received his final charge against him on Wednesday and plead no contest to a reckless driving misdemeanor ...

USA Today /
Pizza city smackdown: Chicago v. New York

A Chicago food writer compares the pizza in two famous food scenes and claims the Windy City reigns supreme. Vote for America's best pizza city.        

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