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USA Today /
The NRA helped this Boy Scout learn to shoot a gun, but it's time for a friendly divorce.

It is clear that the NRA is using firearms safety as an educational cover for its real mission of lobbying for the firearms and ammunition industry.         

USA Today /
NBA scout questions Lonzo Ball's fit with LeBron

It's that time again.        

Engadget /
Apple buys a digital talent scout for music

Apple wants to know what the next big thing is before you do, which is why it's purchased Asaii. The startup is a digital talent scout ...

How Taylor Swift's political endorsement could become the 'biggest ripple ever' at the polls

With companies distancing themselves from the NRA, public relations experts explain how it can improve its image.

The Guardian /
NRA debuts new rating for Florida candidates backed by gun control group

The new letter grade, ‘Fx’, targets those supported by Everytown for Gun Safety, the nation’s largest advocacy groupThe National Rifle Association ...

Local gun groups flex muscle in state politics, sidestepping the NRA

When Missouri Senate Bill 656 was introduced,, it was relatively modest legislation that proposed capping the amount county sheriffs could charge for ...

Boy Scout dies after getting trapped in Michigan sand dune

The 12-year-old was covered for at least 30 minutes before rescuers could get to him

12-year-old Boy Scout dies after being buried in sand at camp event

Boy Scouts are mourning the death of a 12-year-old member who died after being buried in the sand at a camp in Michigan.

WATCH: Police say a 12-year-old Boy Scout has died after being buried in sand

Gage Wilson was flown to a Kalamazoo area hospital, where he later died.

Fox News /
Andrew Cuomo using banks to target NRA, faces major legal test

A campaign by New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to crack down on the National Rifle Association and similar groups is facing its first big legal ...

Bumblebee battles Decepticons in new movie trailer - CNET

The beloved yellow-and-black Autobot scout teams up with a teen girl in the upcoming Transformers prequel.

Fox News /
Feinstein distorted facts about AR-15, aka 'America's rifle,' NRA says

Senate Judiciary Committee ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein has drawn the ire of the National Rifle Association over claims that the AR-15 – called “America’s rifle” by some – are not “in common use.”

Fox News /
Maryland's GOP governor loses support of NRA after signing gun laws

Maryland’s Republican governor lost the support of the National Rifle Association and had his ranking downgraded Saturday after signing gun control legislation.

VoA /
One in Three Gun-owning US Veterans Don't Store Weapons Safely

A substantial percentage of U.S. military vets store guns loaded and ready to use, according to an American study that could have implications for suicide prevention. “American veterans have a higher suicide risk than demographically matched U.S. ...

Amazon's new shopping experiment is Scout, and you can try it now - CNET

Give items a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to get tailored product recommendations.

Reuters /
TV actor Tom Selleck quits NRA board of directors

Actor Tom Selleck, star of such TV crime dramas as "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods" and an ardent gun collector, has resigned from the National ...

USA Today /
Tom Selleck steps down from NRA board but remains a member, publicist confirms

Tom Selleck, star of "Magnum, P.I." and now "Blue Bloods," stepped down from the NRA's board in the middle of his fifth three-year term.        

Washinton Post /
NRA membership is up since Parkland killings, group’s magazine subscriptions suggest

The gun rights group's flagship magazines added nearly 350,000 new subscribers since the Parkland massacre, suggesting membership growth is healthy.

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