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Excess body weight responsible for 4% of cancers worldwide, study says

Excess body fat and obesity were responsible for 3.9% of cancers worldwide in 2012 and an increased risk of at least 13 cancers, including postmenopausal breast cancer, liver, kidney and stomach cancer, according to a new report.

WATCH: Sarah Hyland reveals 2nd kidney transplant, depression

The "Modern Family" star opened up in Self magazine about undergoing a second kidney transplant from her brother after her body rejected her first transplant from her father.

E! Online /
Tearful Sarah Hyland Shows Her Kidney Transplant Scars

"I don't like crying, which is hard to tell from today," Sarah Hyland said. When it comes to her trying surgical history, the Modern Family star ...

USA Today /
ShowBiz Minute: Hyland, Time's Up, Markle

"'Modern Family's'" Sarah Hyland had second kidney transplant; Ava DuVernay, Reese Witherspoon and others join for Time's Up ...

WATCH: Sarah Hyland reveals serious health struggles, past suicidal thoughts

In an in-depth profile for Self magazine, Hyland, 28, reveals that she recently had a second kidney transplant after her first transplant was ...

Study explains how red meat raises heart risk

Eating meat also altered kidney function, the researchers found.

Modern Family star reveals she had a second kidney transplant

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland says she had a second kidney transplant last year, replacing a kidney from her father with one from her brother.

E! Online /
Sarah Hyland Reveals Second Kidney Transplant and Suicidal Thoughts

The past two years have been a hospital rollercoaster for Sarah Hyland. After years of vaguely referencing recent health issues, the 28-year-old Modern Family star revealed years of...

USA Today /
Sarah Hyland reveals she had second kidney transplant, contemplated suicide before surgery

Sarah Hyland is revealing a second kidney transplant, which followed a dark period when she contemplated suicide, in a new profile with Self Magazine.        

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Several brands of dog food recalled over toxic levels of vitamin D, FDA says

High levels of the nutrient can cause serious health problems for pets, including vomiting, weight loss, kidney failure and death.        

Dog food recalled due to potentially harmful levels of vitamin D

Sunshine Mills, the maker of several brands of pet food, is recalling three of its puppy and dog food products, citing potentially high levels of vitamin D that could lead to "serious health issues," including kidney failure.

NY Times /
Study Warns of Cascading Health Risks From the Changing Climate

Global warming is posing immediate health hazards around the world and in the United States, from kidney disease to dengue fever, two new studies say.

Man to get new kidney thanks to billboard campaign

Public appeal brings a potentially life-saving opportunity, and makes a good friend out of a total stranger

USA Today /
Penguins fan gets kidney transplant after seeking donors with sign at game

Pittsburgh Penguins fan Kelly Sowatsky brought a sign to a March 31 game and caught the eye of fellow fan Jeff Lynd, who was a match.        

WATCH: Hockey fan's homemade sign found her kidney donor

Kelly Sowatsky, 31, held up a handmade sign at a Pittsburgh Penguins game last April, and after the team tweeted out a picture of it a fellow fan who saw the viral photo ended up being a match.

Hockey fan's homemade sign requesting a kidney lands her a life-saving donation

One hockey fan's homemade sign ultimately saved her life after she used it to ask strangers for a kidney donation.

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Millions Left Behind as Diabetes Drives Surge in Insulin Demand

A global diabetes epidemic is fueling record demand for insulin but tens of millions will not get the injections they need unless there is a dramatic ...

German man on trial for lacing co-workers' lunches with poison

One victim is in a coma with brain damage and another has serious kidney damage, prosecutors said.

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Fake Drugs Kill Tens of Thousands in Africa Each Year

When Moustapha Dieng came down with stomach pains one day last month he did the sensible thing and went to a doctor in his hometown of Ouagadougou, ...

Her kidney donation now could save her granddaughter's life later

Using the National Kidney Registry's Voucher Program, a grandmother recently donated a kidney. She provided a "gift certificate for an organ" for her ...

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