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Canada and Norway lock horns over who's got the world's biggest moose

The mayor of Moose Jaw, Canada, says he is considering putting a hat on his town's statue of a moose, after affronted residents discovered that it is no longer the world's tallest.

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Exclusive: Cate Blanchett has horns and uterine pain in starry 'Documentary Now!' trailer

Cate Blanchett is near unrecognizable in the A-list third season of mock docuseries 'Documentary Now!,' which also stars Michael Keaton and John Mulaney.        

Life is annoying. Here's how to keep small setbacks from ruining your day.

Negativity may be our default setting, but shifting your mindset can help you remain positive no matter what’s thrown your way.

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Stop annoying videos, Google tracking and more: Tech Q&A

I got an Echo for Christmas. How do I use it with smart lights so I can say, “Alexa, turn on the lights?”

Chrome will block annoying, spammy ads globally starting July 9 - CNET

Its ad-blocking tool initially only focused on sites in North America and Europe.

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Men prefer younger women not for their firmer bodies – but their greater admiration | Zoe Williams

The French novelist Yann Moix claims a 50-year-old woman’s body is unlovable, unlike a 25-year-old’s. But the truth is that the young tend to respect ...

Women protecting rhinos from poachers

These single mothers are survivors of abuse from disadvantaged communities. But they've just become Zimbabwe's hidden weapon against the poachers killing elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns.

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Astronaut calls 911, not Houston from space

You know how some work phones are annoying, and you might have to hit 9 first to dial out? Well, normally that’s no big deal, unless you're an astronaut.        

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Personal Health: Hearing Loss Threatens Mind, Life and Limb

Poor hearing is not just an annoying inconvenience.

Defenses, point guards highlight Celtics-Grizzlies matchup

Two of the NBA's top defensive teams lock horns for the first time this season when the Boston Celtics visit the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night.

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Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching

French tech company Sigfox has developed a bite-size tracker that can be inserted into the horns of rhinos to help conservationists monitor and ...

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Fast food workers reveal most annoying customer habits

Remember, on the other end of that drive-thru speaker is a human being.

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