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Federal judge ends protections for Miami's homeless

Judge: Protections no longer needed because shelters, services are available.

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The ‘accidental bra fairy’ has helped homeless women for years. Now, she’s helping women affected by the shutdown.

One bra at a time, her idea is making a big impact, often in unexpected ways.

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Prince William Continues Princess Diana's Legacy With New Patronage

Prince William is continuing his late mother Prince Diana's legacy. Kensington Palace announced on Wednesday that the Duke of Cambridge has become ...

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Chicago Woman Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People During Severe Cold Snap

The woman, Candice Payne, said it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Her efforts gained widespread attention, grew and helped house more than 100 homeless people.

Meet the woman who got hotel rooms for homeless in polar vortex

Candice Payne impulsively charged 20 hotel rooms on her credit card, and it snowballed into a lifesaving effort by a group of strangers

Chicago woman booked hotel rooms to help homeless escape cold

A Chicago woman's act of kindness helped homeless people stay warm during this week's dangerous polar vortex. CBS Chicago station WBBM spoke with ...

Reuters /
In Chicago's epic freeze, some homeless feel more comfortable outdoors

Blanca Rodriguez, a 52-year-old homeless woman, spent a night at one of the warming centers Chicago set up ahead of the Arctic-like weather that ...

A Good Samaritan paid for hotel rooms for Chicago's homeless. Now, others are helping.

A single act of generosity was multiplied again and again this week after a Good Samaritan paid for hotel rooms to shelter homeless Chicagoans from a historic and potentially deadly cold snap.

9-year-old boy donates coats to community, makes a huge difference in N.J. town

Sandro's Coat Rack has donated close to 1,000 coats to homeless people.

Someone put 70 homeless people up in a Chicago hotel

When a fire forced dozens of homeless people to leave their tents in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood, Jackie Rachev at the local Salvation Army was ready to welcome them.

NY Times /
Homeless Find Refuge in the Subway as New York Copes With Deep Freeze

As a cold spell fell over the city, with temperatures reaching only into the teens, officials urged residents to limit their time outside.

Boy collects coats to help those in need

Sandro's Coat Rack has donated close to 1,000 coats to homeless people

On one of the coldest days in Chicago history, someone put 70 homeless people up in a hotel

When a fire forced dozens of homeless people to leave their tents in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood, the local Salvation Army was ready to house ...

The Guardian /
Chicago rallies to protect homeless people from polar vortex

In the face of potentially lethal sub-zero cold the city has set up warming centers and non-profit groups have stepped up effortsMost days, Ray Holleb leaves the Chicago homeless shelter he has lived at the past two months for a nearby Starbucks to work on his writing.But as a deep freeze has plunged the city to historically frigid temperatures, ...

Good Samaritan pays hotel tab for homeless in Chicago cold snap

Anonymous donor picked up the bill for about 70 people after propane tanks that kept them warm were confiscated

WATCH: Steam rises off Lake Michigan in Chicago amid Midwest deep freeze

Chicago officials work to provide relief to homeless residents through outreach; dangerously cold temperatures cause common items to freeze within minutes

Washinton Post /
‘A true hero’: Good Samaritan puts up dozens of Chicago’s homeless in hotel amid record-low temperatures

Wednesday was the second-coldest day in Chicago's history, with temperatures dropping to minus-24.

VoA /
Extreme Cold Causes Misery Across US

Hundreds of millions of Americans spent Wednesday seeking relief from some of the coldest weather ever recorded in the continental United ...

Homeless among most vulnerable as brutal cold takes over

Chicago's warming centers have extended their hours amid the frigid temps.

VoA /
'Life-Threatening' Temperatures Shock Even Routinely Cold US Cities

Millions of Americans are experiencing temperatures so cold that a burst of wind could cause frostbite within minutes — conditions that have caused ...

USA Today /
Meet the IMPD officers tasked with keeping the homeless alive in the frigid cold

There are four officers in IMPD's homeless unit. About 1,700 homeless people live in Indianapolis, according to a 2018 survey.        

NY Times /
‘I’m Cold and I’m Afraid’: Across Midwest, Homeless Await Deep Freeze

As health officials issued warnings about the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia, homeless people in the Midwest faced potentially devastating circumstances.

Time /
‘I Thought I Was Going to Die.’ How Chicago’s 80,000 Homeless People Are Surviving in Deadly Zero-Degree Weather

Facing dangerously cold temperatures this week, some of Chicago's 80,000 homeless people are struggling to survive despite the city's efforts to help

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