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For the NFL and all of football, a new threat: an evaporating insurance market

From the NFL to rec leagues, football is facing a stark, new threat: an evaporating insurance market that is fundamentally altering the economics of the sport, squeezing and even killing off programs faced with higher costs and a scarcity of available coverage, an Outside the Lines investigation has found. The NFL no ...

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John Bogle, Founder of Vanguard, Dies at 89 

John C. Bogle, who simplified investing for the masses by launching the first index mutual fund and founded Vanguard Group, died Wednesday, the company said. He was 89. Bogle did not invent the index fund, but he expanded access to no-frills, low-cost investing in 1976 when Vanguard introduced the first index fund for individual investors, ...

OTL: Football facing growing insurance issue

From the NFL to rec leagues, football is facing a stark new threat: An evaporating insurance market that is fundamentally altering the sport's ...

Brexit warning to Canadians that manufacturing political division has economic consequences: Don Pittis

Brexit offers an economic warning to Canadians trying to benefit by stoking anger and division. ...

A Brexit lesson in economics for Canadians hoping to profit from anger: Don Pittis

Brexit offers an economic warning to Canadians trying to benefit by stoking anger and division. ...

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Angola’s Oil Reforms: Miracle or Mirage?

Angolan President Joao Lourenco has made headline-grabbing changes in the nation’s vital oil sector since taking power in 2017.  Economists say these ...

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China Says Trade Talks are Making Progress

China’s Commerce Ministry says that the United States and Beijing made progress in discussions about structural issues such as forced technology transfers and intellectual property rights during trade talks this week. But the lack of details from ...

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US Commerce Secretary: US, China Can Reach Trade Deal 'We Can Live With'

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross predicted on Monday that Beijing and Washington could reach a trade deal that "we can live with" as officials from the world's two largest economies resumed talks in a bid to end their trade dispute. Ross told CNBC the immediate trade issues would be easiest to tackle while enforcement issues and structural ...

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The Economics of Soaking the Rich

What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about tax policy? A lot.

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US economy smashes jobs expectations – as it happened

Growth in UK and US in focus after new year fears rattle markets 3.17pm GMT Nobody was expecting that. After a shortened week of trading marked by ...

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China Says US Envoys Due in Beijing for Talks on Trade Fight

American envoys are due in Beijing for talks Monday in a tariff battle over Chinese technology ambitions that threatens to hobble global economic ...

Trump claims credit for cheap gas. Experts say it's not so simple.

Experts said Trump can take some credit for the increased supply of gas that has driven prices lower, but that fuel economics is a hugely complex subject, impacted by many variables.

Elections, economics and the world's biggest pilgrimage: India in 2019

This year brought big changes to Indian society. The Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex and scrapped an outdated adultery law, both relics of the colonial past, while the #MeToo movement finally arrived in a country notorious for sexual violence against women.

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Bad Faith, Pathos and G.O.P. Economics

On professionals who sold their integrity, and got nothing in return.

Missing B.C. professor Ramazan Gencay found dead in Colombia

A British Columbia professor who went missing in Colombia earlier this month has been found dead. Ramazan Gencay was an economics professor at Simon Fraser University.

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The best way to scupper Putin and Trump? Scrap Brexit | Natalie Nougayrède

The autocratic Russian and US presidents see the UK leaving the EU as a vindication of their worldviewLast week I was browsing through Henry ...

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Q&A: Does the stock market sell-off mean a recession is coming?

Is the stock market's recent plunge signaling a recession in 2019? Economics reporter Paul Davidson breaks it ...

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