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Does this man have the world's coolest job?

The lobby of a five-star hotel in the middle of a heaving metropolis like Hong Kong is not one of the first places you'd expect to meet Morgan Maassen.

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'SpongeBob' trivia deep dive: Sea-list guest stars, gay rumors and 'Lost' connections

David Bowie, one of the coolest people in showbiz history gushed, "I've hit the Holy Grail of animation gigs" when he did a guest appearance on "SpongeBob SquarePants" in 2007. And designer Marc Jacobs took inspiration from the color palette.        

Lowe: How the Heat made the coolest jerseys in the NBA

Miami's new pink "Vice" jerseys take alternate uniforms to an exciting new level.

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Leave the Night on and Get Ready to Celebrate Sam Hunt's Birthday With His Coolest Music Videos

Grab a drink, get ready to eat cake and let's have a house party in honor of Sam Hunt's birthday. The Georgia native is 34 years old today, and what ...

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The new york times for kids: 48 of the Coolest Kids in New York

We sent a photographer to look for the most fashionable kids in the city. She began on the first day of school and shot for two months. Here are the ...

Brooklyn's coolest hotels and hottest hangouts

A new batch of the coolest Brooklyn hotels are popping up alongside this New York borough's cocktail lounges and trendy restaurants. Check out eight ...

Is this the coolest brewery in Asia?

Ask travelers about the best things to drink in South Korea and they might mention soju or green tea.

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