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Kamala Harris Proposes Executive Orders on Gun Control

Ms. Harris pledged to implement measures that have long failed to pass in Congress, including mandatory background checks and regulations on manufacturers.

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Seeds of Discontent: Argentina's Farmers Turn Cool on Their Man Macri

Argentine President Mauricio Macri rode to power in 2015 promising to bolster the farming sector and cut back taxes that had stymied exports. The country's backbone industry welcomed him with open arms after years of export controls aimed at keeping domestic prices low. The powerful sector is now cooling on the center-right president, frustrated ...

Expert advocates using 401(k) savings to fatten Social Security checks

Today's retirees have high debts and low savings. Nobel laureate Richard Thaler thinks buying into an annuity-type program through the Social ...

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Cheaper online or at the store? Heading to a store may save money

Online prices are an even better deal for some items like PCs as deflation picked up or inflation slowed. But store prices are down more for ...

Millennials earn more than their parents did — but owe a lot more

Millennials make more money than previous generations in that demographic cohort, but are also ...

Millennials make more than previous generations, but owe much more too, StatsCan numbers confirm

Millennials make more money than previous generations in that demographic cohort, but are also ...

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What would Republicans do with a Mueller report? Build an impeachment case.

The Trump administration is driving us toward a constitutional showdown that threatens the very checks and balances Republicans used to champion.         

Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon lead Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2019-20

Oregon is one of three Pac-12 teams in the top six. Reigning NCAA champion Baylor checks in at No. 2, and UConn starts out at No. 7.

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Pakistan’s Finance Minister Resigns Amid Economic Crisis

Pakistan Finance Minister Asad Umar has resigned days after returning home from crucial talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a financial bailout package to avert a national balance of payments crisis. While formally announcing his decision to leave Thursday at a hurriedly arranged news conference in Islamabad, Umar explained that ...

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Trump’s veto over Yemen is a scandalous abuse of presidential power | Simon Tisdall

The US could have distanced itself from a murderous war. Instead, Trump’s unholy alliance with the Saudis continuesExpected or not, Donald Trump’s ...

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US Trade Deficit Hits 8-Month Low on Weak Chinese Imports

The U.S. trade deficit fell to an eight-month low in February as imports from China plunged, temporarily providing a boost to President Donald ...

Higher food prices help push Canada's inflation rate up to 1.9% in March

The cost of living went up at a 1.9 per cent annual pace in March, Statistics Canada says, as increases in the price of food, rent and mortgages were slightly offset by cheaper gasoline. ...

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Argentine Presidential Hopeful Massa Says Would Revamp IMF Deal

Argentine presidential hopeful Sergio Massa would renegotiate the country's unpopular financing deal with the International Monetary Fund if he wins office later this year, the former congressman told reporters on Tuesday. The $56 billion IMF standby financing agreement includes fiscal cuts that have enraged wide segments of the public, denting ...

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Argentina Unveils New Measures to Shield Peso as Inflation Quickens

Argentina's inflation rate accelerated for the third straight month in March, the government statistics agency said on Tuesday, prompting the central bank to unveil fresh measures to temper raging inflation and protect the embattled peso currency. The recession-hit country's consumer prices rose 4.7% for the month, taking the year-to-date ...

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Rebuilding Notre Dame Will Be Long, Fraught and Expensive

Notre Dame in Paris is not the first great cathedral to suffer a devastating fire, and it probably won't be the last. In a sense, that is good news. A global army of experts and craftspeople can be called on for the long, complex process of ...

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Brazil Announces Financial Package to Avoid Truckers' Strike

The government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced Tuesday a financial package aimed at staving off a potential truckers' ...

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New Air Bridge Reflects Iran's Growing Influence in Venezuela

Analysts see this month's re-opening of an air link between Tehran and Caracas as the latest evidence of Iran's growing role alongside Russia and ...

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Lyft will run ‘continuous’ background checks on its drivers

A lot can happen in a year, so it's probably wise that Lyft will no longer rely solely on annual background checks for its drivers. The ride-sharing company will now run daily criminal monitoring of its active drivers and will receive immediate notif...

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Row With US Energy Trader Worsens Haiti's Fuel Crisis

A dispute between Haiti and a U.S. energy trading firm is leading to long blackouts and fuel shortages in the Caribbean nation, feeding anger at President Jovenel Moise’s government following the collapse of a supply deal with Venezuela last year. The capital Port-au-Prince’s fragile power grid was dealt a blow when Novum Energy Trading Corp ...

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'A hunter's hope': Snaring birds in warring Afghanistan

As the early morning light breaks over the plain north of Kabul, bird hunter Jan Agha checks his snares as he has done for the past 30 years, hoping to catch a crane, using a tethered bird to lure...

Turkish central bank needs to be 'fully independent,' IMF's Europe director says

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has espoused keeping interest rates down despite rising inflation, currently at more than 19%.

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Cheap background checks, heart-rate monitoring and more: Tech Q&A

I want to run a background check on someone. The people search sites are annoying and expensive. What’s the best way to do a background check on ...

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Redskins’ Reuben Foster Is Fined by the N.F.L. but Will Not Be Suspended in 2019

Foster was accused of domestic violence in November and put on the commissioner’s exempt list. The case was dismissed in January, and after an N.F.L. ...

Redskins' Foster fined, not suspended, after NFL review

Reuben Foster has been fined two game checks and reinstated to the Washington Redskins' active roster after an NFL investigation found he did not ...

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Redskins LB Reuben Foster fined two game checks, cleared for NFL return after charge dropped

Reuben Foster will be fined two game checks but has been cleared to play in the NFL for the first time since his arrest last November.        

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Import-price boost backs view that oil is chiefly behind inflation spike

Import-price boost backs view that oil is chiefly behind inflation spike

Macy's CEO responds to Jeff Bezos: We put our tax savings back into our employees

Jim Cramer checks in with Macy's CEO Jeffrey Gennette, who explains how tax reform made a way for employees to share in the company's performance.

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