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WATCH: Police enter burning apartment building in rescue caught on video

One officer threw his baton to smash a second-floor window as a young boy jumped into waiting arms.

Authorities rescue three trapped in a West Virginia coal mine since Saturday

A 4th escaped and helped officials find his companions

West Virginia authorities search for 3 people trapped in abandoned mine

Authorities are racing to rescue three people trapped in a West Virginia mine. A fourth person emerged from the mine on his own, officials said.

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West Virginia mine explorers still missing as rescuers dig deeper

Rescue teams in West Virginia have gone some 11,000 feet into an abandoned coal mine in the Appalachian Mountains without finding three people who ...

Firefighters rescue dozens of reptiles from a burning home

For many people, the thought of picking up a python or a boa constrictor is terrifying. But for some firefighters in Texas, no victim is too scary, ...

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Rescue teams search for three people lost in West Virginia mine

Rescue teams on Wednesday were set to use a recently cleared opening to search for three people who have been lost for four days in an abandoned mine ...

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US Air Force: We're in ‘danger’ of falling behind China and Russia by 2025

The U.S. Air Force will fall behind Russia and China by 2025 unless the service quickly embarks upon a sizeable expansion of its fighting technologies, weapons arsenal and major attack platforms - to include new bombers, fighters, drones, rescue ...

WATCH: Dogs finally reunited with their owner after wildfires

Andrea Gaylord credited animal rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan for helping her family find Miguel and Madison.

Rescue groups working to reunite pets, owners after Northern California Camp Fire

Rescue groups in California say they're overwhelmed with pets after wildfire destroyed thousands of homes and separated dogs and cats from their owners.

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Mexico starts oil industry ‘rescue’ with refinery overhaul

Mexico’s new government has detailed plans to build an oil refinery in the home state of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and to renovate six ...

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Mirallas nets late as Fiorentina draws 3-3 at Sassuolo

Fiorentina winger Kevin Mirallas scored his debut Serie A goal in the 96th minute to help his side rescue a 3-3 draw at ...

Rescue ship reaches solo yachtswoman

A rescue ship has now reached solo yachtswoman Susie Goodall, who has been adrift in the Southern Ocean since a storm destroyed her boat as she competed in a round-the-world race.

'Dark day' as final rescue ship stops patrols on world's deadliest migrant route

"The end of Aquarius means more deaths at sea, and more needless deaths that will go unwitnessed."

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Cowed Aid Agencies Cease Migrant Rescues in the Mediterranean

Nongovernmental organizations that have shouldered a large part of the operations to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean have ceased all such activity, amid a crackdown by the Italian government.

Mediterranean migrant rescue ship Aquarius ends operations

The migrant rescue ship Aquarius is ending its operations in the Mediterranean Sea after Doctors Without Borders said Thursday the Italian government intervened.

WATCH: Texas deputy rushes to rescue victims of fiery car crash

Deputy Connor Martin races across the highway to pull people away from the fire.

"TOTAL LOSS": Sailor awaits rescue after storm wrecks round-the-world attempt

Sailor Susie Goodall's ship was dismasted and she was knocked unconscious in a vicious storm off the coast of Chile

Solo yachtswoman waits for rescue thousands of miles adrift in wrecked boat

A solo yachtswoman who was competing in an around-the-world race is now waiting to be rescued in the Southern Ocean after a storm destroyed her boat and left her injured.

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U.S. military air crash off Japan coast kills one Marine, five missing

One U.S. Marine was killed and rescue teams were searching for five others missing after two Marine Corps aircraft collided in mid-air and crashed ...

WATCH: Firefighters rescue dog possibly thrown from roof in Hollywood

Initial reports indicated the dog was thrown but investigations are still ongoing.

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Crash kills U.S. Marine; teams search for five in sea near Japan

One U.S. Marine was killed and rescue teams were searching for five others missing after two Marine Corps aircraft collided in mid-air and crashed ...

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2 US warplanes crash off Japan coast, rescue under way

Japanese and U.S. officials say two American warplanes crashed into the Pacific off Japan’s southwestern coast after a midair collision early Thursday, and search and rescue operations are under way

Trump promised to rescue the coal industry. But he can't

The Trump administration attempted a daring rescue of the coal country, but the pro-coal agenda is failing to jump-start a renaissance — and analysts don't see one on the horizon.

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