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Dassault will raise production rates on certain models: CEO

French planemaker Dassault Aviation will nudge up production rates on certain business jet models, including its Falcoln 8x and 2000 jets, Chief Executive Eric Trappier said on Monday, a sign of broader industry demand for corporate aircraft.

Reuters /
Aerion's supersonic business jet to meet U.S. noise standards

Aerion Supersonic, the developer of a $120 million supersonic business jet, said on Monday it would be able to take off and land without regulatory changes in the United States, a potential boost to efforts to bring back faster air travel.

Here is a map of the 142 Sears and Kmart stores set to close

Sears will continue to operate through the holidays, as it looks to find a buyer for the business. It will also continue to evaluate its remaining ...

NY Times /
Sears Went From Gilded-Age Boom to Digital-Age Bankruptcy

The retailer was the innovator of its time, building a thriving mail-order business before going brick-and-mortar. Now, much of that is going away.

The Wall Street Journal /
U.S. Tax Changes Hit Global Investment Flows

Global business investment flows fell sharply in the first six months of the year, as U.S. companies repatriated profits in response to changes in ...

The Wall Street Journal /
Saudis' Economic Dreams Falter as Executives Quit Conference

JP Morgan CEO James Dimon, Laurence Fink of BlackRock and Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone are the latest Western executives to pull out of Riyadh’s ...

Washinton Post /
Marijuana is emerging among California’s vineyards, offering promise and concern

The regulated California cannabis market is a $4-billion-a-year industry, a boon to the local tax base. Legalization already is reordering the business and geography of cannabis cultivation.

Rubio says he has no reason to believe Trump's business ties affect his decisions on Saudi Arabia

Sen. Rubio says Saudi Arabia plays a central role in the Trump administration’s Middle East strategy, and any reaction to Khashoggi will be based on the strategy, not personal business ties.

Rats and trash infest Los Angeles' 'typhus zone'

People "illegally dumping, food being discarded, accumulation of blankets and pillows, and human waste," are attracting the rats, a business advocate said.

Fox News /
Amazon Could Have a Very Real Antitrust Problem

Amazon's size alone may not lead to antitrust scrutiny. But some of its business strategies could land the company in hot water sooner or later.

Reuters /
Embraer launches longer-range private jets in turnaround push

Embraer SA is adding two longer-range business jet variants to its mid-sized Legacy line, featuring revamped cabins and technology that reduces ...

#MeToo identified a disease that infects business. We still have a long way to go

Time's Up Legal Defense Fund co-founder Tina Tchen writes that workplace cultures have allowed the issue of sexual harassment to fester and grow, and existing laws and regulations have not caught up with society.

Putting a town treasure on a pedestal

Todd Kirnan, a 45-year-old man with autism, has been making deliveries and doing odd jobs for virtually every business in downtown Gresham, Ore. Todd is so treasured here that people have often joked that he should have his own statue, or have a parade thrown in his honor. Which is why Kirnan got a very special surprise recently. Steve Hartman ...

How '90s stars like Tia Mowry are having a comeback with shows on Facebook and YouTube

"Tia Mowry's Quick Fix" is part of a slate of original programming from digital media and entertainment company Kin, which is building a business by bringing TV stars to digital platforms.

The Wall Street Journal /
Tariffs Hit Those Trump Wants to Help: U.S. Factories

The Trump administration says tariffs on Chinese imports will shift manufacturing back to U.S. factories, but some companies that have done just that ...

Reuters /
Embraer launches longer-range midsized private jets in turnaround push

Embraer SA is adding two longer-range business jet variants to its mid-sized Legacy line featuring revamped cabins and technology that reduces ...

USA Today /
Hurricane Michael, algae crisis tests resiliency of Florida tourism business

Devastating hurricanes, dead fish on the beaches and green slime in canals and rivers: Florida's No. 1 industry just can't catch a break.        

'Davos in the Desert' summit loses media, business support over missing journalist

A number of international business leaders and media companies are distancing themselves from Saudi Arabia ahead of an investment summit in the kingdom later this month, stoking pressure on the Gulf kingdom to explain what happened to a dissident writer who disappeared after visiting its consulate ...

The Guardian /
Climate change has an unlikely beneficiary: the US small business administration

SBA is always struggling to get funding. But there could be an unlikely solution to the agency’s challenges: climate changeThe Small Business Administration always finds itself struggling to get funding. Depending on who sits in the White House, it’s oftentimes a tough sell to argue for more money to support small businesses in lieu of spending on ...

The Guardian /
Beaten by Amazon and Walmart, Sears faces the end after 125 years

The company, once a staple of the American lifestyle, is expected to file for bankruptcy after years of losses “I don’t understand the point of ...

VoA /
Vietnam Wants to Go Hollywood 

Call it Vollywood? Vietnam’s movie scene is growing quickly, with an explosion of theaters across the country, more filmmakers entering the market, ...

Fox News /
Microsoft's Surface Business Achieves a New Milestone

Microsoft Surface is reasonably popular in the U.S. -- but can it truly take on the PC market?

Marijuana growers wrestle with cannabis' high-tech, industrial future - CNET

You can't hand-prune the plants for a $32 billion business.

CNN and other news outlets pull out of Saudi conference

Three more major news organizations have pulled out of a business conference in Saudi Arabia as pressure mounts on the kingdom to explain the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

What investors should do next amid stock market sell-off

Stock market investors have been enjoying the longest bull market in Wall Street history, but the bulls stumbled badly earlier in the week, before making a slight comeback Friday. All three of the major indexes posted losses of up to four percent for the week, the worst five-day run in six months. CBS News senior business analyst Jill Schlesinger ...

IMF's Christine Lagarde says she's still attending Saudi event despite 'horrifying things' reported

"I have to conduct the business of IMF in all corners of the world, and with many governments," said Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund. "When I visit a country, I always speak my mind."

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