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Two Thirds of Himalayan Glaciers Could Melt if Global Climate Goals Fail: New Study

Failure to meet global climate goals could lead to warming of five degrees celsius in the Himalayan mountains and a loss of two-thirds of the region’s glaciers by the year 2100, with disastrous consequences for water supplies and food production for about two billion people in eight Asian countries, warns a new study. Meeting the Paris agreement ...

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WHO: Cervical Cancer Preventable, Can Be Eliminated

Ahead of World Cancer Day (February 4), the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for accelerated action to eliminate cervical cancer, a preventable disease that kills more than 300,000 women every year. Cervical cancer ranks among leading causes of death for women worldwide.  Nine in 10 deaths occur in poor and middle-income countries.  ...

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Sporting: A Rough Ride to Bliss in Bhutan

Severe pain and happiness don’t usually mix, unless you’re mountain biking in Bhutan.

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