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Washinton Post /
Trump wades into more GOP contests, backs an incumbent who slammed him for ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

On Twitter, the president endorsed two candidates in contested primaries in Alabama and Florida.

Fox News /
Trump should rethink his stance on NAFTA -- It supports millions of US jobs, billions of dollars in exports

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has benefited American consumers, workers and businesses since 1994.

USA Today /
Supreme Court cracks down on government snooping through cellphone location records

The Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot monitor people's past movements for long periods of time by tracking the location of their ...

USA Today /
Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds on HBO doc, and why he's no longer embarrassed to be Mormon

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds wrestles with his Mormon faith and the church's stance on same-sex relationships in timely HBO documentary ...

USA Today /
Imagine Dragons music and Mormonism.

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds explains how being raised Mormon and feeling conflicted about their stance on same-sex relationships has ...

VoA /
Top 5 Songs for Week Ending June 23

We're shaking hands with the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending June 23, 2018. Two new entries ...

Washinton Post /
The Health 202: Azar: We need to get migrant children out of HHS care as 'expeditiously' as possible

The secretary weighed in on Trump's executive order in our live event yesterday.

Time /
This Bush Cabinet Official Was Imprisoned in a Japanese Internment Camp. He Sees Troubling Parallels With Family Separations

As someone once held in a Japanese internment camp, Norman Mineta typically avoids casual comparisons to his experience, but he sees similar roots in the Trump Administration’s now-overturned family separation policy. A Cabinet member during the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, Mineta said he does not draw historical parallels ...

Reuters /
Trump's foreign policy will make Europe stronger, U.S. official says

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's tough stance on Iran, new tariffs on European Union metal imports and U.S. demands for higher defense spending in Europe are part of a strategy to strengthen the West, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday.

Engadget /
Lobbyists helped gut California’s net neutrality bill

Federal net neutrality protections have ended, thanks to Ajit Pai's leadership at the FCC, but some states haven't been content ...

Iraqi high court backs manual recount of election votes

The Iraqi Supreme Court ruled Thursday for a manual recount of ballots from the parliamentary elections last month.

The Guardian /
'Say hello to mommy': Trump mocks protester at Minnesota rally – video

Donald Trump takes aim at protester at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, saying 'he's going home to his mom.' The president goes on to predict the media will report that there were massive protests at the rally. He briefly mentions his executive order ...

NY Times /
Trump Sells Hard Line on Immigration

Speaking at a rally in Duluth, Minn., President Trump promised to maintain his tough stance on immigration.

Washinton Post /
Trump administration expands use of health plans that skirt ACA consumer protections

The labor secretary says association health plans will “level the playing field,” while critics deride “junk insurance.”

Washinton Post /
Pope backs US bishops who called border separations immoral

Pope Francis is backing the Catholic bishops in the United States who have condemned the practice of separating children from their parents after families are caught crossing the U.S-Mexico border illegally.

'It's a fact': Merkel calls out Trump over climate change stance

"We know climate change isn't a matter of faith," said Merkel. "It's a fact."

VoA /
Apple to Undercut Popular Law-Enforcement Tool for Cracking iPhones

Apple Inc said Wednesday it will change its iPhone settings to undercut the most popular means for law enforcement to break into the devices. The ...

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